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  1. I may be misinformed but Why would Ichi ban protest when the race committee was also protesting celestial ?
  2. Prescilla, The above has been taken from the Townson owners association page - as you say 3 windows look same as 36 - did look longer by eye
  3. saw this on lake macquarie - sorry image is bit blurred. looks like around 40 ft - maybe a NZ design in the Townson/Stewart/Young style ? just a guess - very nicely kept perhaps refurbished and an early fiberglass build ? any ideas ?
  4. Bob, Thank you for sharing - lovely boat. I am surprised no one else has decided to go further with it cheers
  5. so he gets two 22 yachts to use the lead keel to make sinkers from - surely lead isn't that scarce ?
  6. that j9 looks nice - can they do a 10 metre version ?
  7. saw the shaw 4 ad for sale in the last 12 months - looked lonely i thought the voodoo was good at the time as well
  8. Norm01


    agreed on ridiculous name for the above boat name mast on 310 - wing mast that rotates ?
  9. windsurfer LT is popular in our parts - has bought a lot of people back who drifted away after going thru longboard/shortboards/wavr boards etc close fleet racing https://windsurferlt.com/
  10. boat hasn't moved in a long time - neither has the water it sits in !!
  11. Saw this boat in hobart before the wooden boat festival jan 2019 - can’t work out what it is - looked up list for that years board and couldn’t find it anywhere - any ideas ? I’m guessing about 45 on deck - looked like tall rig - some spectra type rigging - any ideas
  12. Somebody Else, You only half finished the story … how did you go with the models ?
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