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  1. At least AOC is doing something for people in need. Good for her! You are a person that is throwing rocks at someone that is helping. Really? Have you thought that through? Here in NY we have had a homeless problem for a very long time, before AOC was even born. AOC is not the problem that is causing homelessness it is our capitalism, or rather the particular way we practice capitalism... winner take all. Why not throw your stones at the 3 Americans that own more wealth than 50% of the US population? Those 3 rich dudes could easily solve the homeless problem.
  2. His thinking was not "just fine". The very first priority and highest responsibility of any government, be it local, state, or national, is the safety and welfare of its people.
  3. $500 Flying Dutchman in Washington State. Nice sails! My guess is that this is a 63 or 64 Plastrend. I've got a 63 that looks just like it. Want to go fast? Buy this boat. https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/boa/d/flying-dutchman/7073075783.html
  4. 1962... it seems like it was another country back then, not just another time period. Thanks for the awesome story. Was Buddy Melges sailing FDs in 1962? I own a 1963 Plastrend FD that he once owned named "Widgeon", will be refinishing it in the spring.
  5. Yah, the harnesses back then were hard on your back for sure. But when you're young you don't notice it so much. Glad to have a couple of modern harnesses now. If I could only get my legs to last longer...
  6. Early sixties flying machine! What a great action shot!
  7. Thanks for the info. We've been doing the airbnb thing for extended winter stays but that's getting old. This year we are spending time to go visit areas on each coast and figure out where to buy the winter home. It's a lot to process and decide about. Looking forward to getting out of the cold and being able to sail every month of the year!
  8. I DM'd you the seller's phone number. Good luck!
  9. That's just sad. A Flying Dutchman should never reach "pond boat" status.
  10. Craigslist Find: Flying Dutchman for sale on the west coast. $500 for boat, trailer and racing sails!!!! The sails are worth it alone. If I didn't live 3,000 miles away I'd be driving to this boat right now as fast as possible! I own this same exact boat/vintage/manufacturer. Love it! Still available as of 1/8/2020 https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/boa/d/flying-dutchman/7039579651.html
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