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  1. Baldur


    No way, I need shrooms to really appreciate that.
  2. Baldur


    There is another thread about that boat. I think it was Crosby's own boat.
  3. Pool paint is designed to be used in the average conditions of a swimming pool. pH 7.4, TDS <1000, TA 80-120, Salt water has a much higher pH, freshwater may be higher or lower. Alkalinity and TDS will also not be within specs. Saltwater swimming pools are about as salty as your tears, so much less than the sea, and chlorine is 1-3ppm in a pool and up to 10ppm in a spa. So this is actually fairly low also (avg tap water in most locations is about 0.5ppm so a pool is 2x-6x higher cholrine than tapwater. I would judge epoxy pool paint as not suitable to be used on boats.
  4. I am going to try and make VMG TOWARDS my destination, not do circles in the middle of the ocean.
  5. I plug my SJ 24 directly into a 6amo marine battery charger connected directly to the battery. There is no other 120v. I do have 12v for the interior lights , nav lights, for Instruments. The outboard is lol fred from the water at the slip. A very experienced friend says I should still have a galvanic isolator or something to protect my keep bolts from stray voltage. But my keel bolts are not in the water. I have no metal in contact with the water. Note; I do have VC17 bottom, loaded with copper. What day the peanut gallery?
  6. Yep, I've worked a couple places the owner refused Amex d/t extravagant charges.
  7. https://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=DSCTesting In ythe modern world we test the DSC. Here are the directions. If dsc works than voice comms will also work.
  8. It not common to see this rig, but they are neither new or unproven.
  9. bump Somebody has to have this. Ive looked all over too.
  10. I've got 500k liability and $5k replacement value for a 1976 SJ24 for about $15o/yr from state farm
  11. I was going to buy a real dehumidifier for the boat. But I was thinking, spray this on it and it will weigh 30% less. Hell yeah!
  12. I love the Nikwax products, cant wait to try this one. "NEW Nikwax HE3.Direct reduces the weight of outdoor gear by up to 30% The revolutionary technology uses Nikwax patented helium-infused polymers to coat each fiber, reducing the weight of all outdoor gear. Like all Nikwax products, HE3.Direct is PFC-free, biodegradable, water-based, and aerosol-free. It will also be produced in bottles made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic." https://www.nikwax.com/usblog/lighten-your-load-nikwax-announces-new-product-to-reduce-weight-of-gear/?utm_source=Nikwax Ltd&utm_medium=em
  13. I just did my boat in January with vc17, over a base of vc17 The special solvent recommended is made up of mostly Xylene so I used xylene as solvent and it worked great. I painted at just less than 50deg and by the time I was done the other end was dry and burnished with a paper bag, ready to splash. 4inch foam "hotdog" rollers put it on nice an thin, no tipping needed.
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