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  1. can anybody help this guy spell retarded?
  2. I used to be anti-vax. I mean, they literally drug me kicking and screaming to the doctor for my shots. Now days I am fully onboard with vaccines. Amazing how kindergarten can change a man!
  3. He is easier to understand than you are most days. jackos statement sounds pretty strait forward to me.
  4. Was just doing some bottom paint research. Irgarol is banned I beleive... https://www.epa.gov/pesticides/epa-protects-aquatic-ecosystems-finalizing-irgarol-antifoulant-paint-cancellation But can still be sold until Jan 2023 " Under EPA’s interim decision, revised labels must be submitted within 60 days after the interim decision is published, and the last use of existing stocks to occur before January 1, 2023. For products that are only registered with EPA for antifoulant paint uses, registrants must submit a voluntary cancellation request by January 1, 2023. EPA will actively work w
  5. the USCG lifeboat school is at the mouth of the Columbia https://www.forcecom.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/FORCECOM-UNITS/TraCen-Yorktown/Training/National-Motor-Lifeboat-School/
  6. I dont have personal experience, but I did find this, "The Pacific Pelican is specifically intended to meet these criteria of safety, comfort, and low cost. She is deeper, has more sorage space, and is more stable than a racing dinghy or yacht tender. Although not a racer, the Pacific Pelican is fast in a breeze of 7-9 knots. The design incorporates the lines of a Banks dory with the oriental sampan bow. If her lines were extended to the dory’s extreme ends she’d be about 22’ long. The pram bow is safe, it will not dig in and cause a broach capsize when running before 3Okt gusts in 3’-4’
  7. I wasnt asking for a friend, I was asking because I wanted to know. I was clear that I was interested to see if 69 was a feasible direction for a committee to go with something like this. I kind of doubted it. Now we see it is proceeding. I will be very interested to see the final outcome. Also I dont see anything in my OP that implies I thought the race committee could ban him from any club. Just that that looked like what some local clubs were moving towards. In general, try to read the whole post and understand clearly before replying
  8. I didn't suggest a ban. I said this has been suggested. I wasn't even sure if 69 really applied. Looks like the PC is convening in this. It Can be sent up to us sailing. Doesn't mean it will. Also I did not say he should be banned from all yacht clubs. But that is what some are clamoring for. So far a temporary suspension from the club till the have a meeting on it. Actually, It clear you haven't read the whole thread because this was explained already. so maybe just start over there.
  9. I would have to sit down and make an estimate. Between racing, crabbing, day sails, and a couple of cruises I think we should be there. I usually motor out and then pull up the jib for a downeind run back to the slip. With deliveries, regattas, overnight races, we should be there.
  10. He is the one who brought me into what I have heard referenced as, "the cult of butyl" I've referred many many ppl to his website You have my support Rod, get well!
  11. Am I confused? I thought the border was open. I have seen several Canadian boats at the guest dock in squalicum over the last few weeks.
  12. You should never start with biodiesel by filling the tank with it. It is very much more detergent than diesel. Even if you think you have cleaned the system, the biodiesel will find gunk to clean from somewhere and cause problems. Start with 10/90% or 80/20 mix of bio and regular diesel. Slowly up the ratio of bio. Even school bus fleets do it like this so the school kids aren't stranded on the side of the road. I know, and have raced on, a couple of boats running biodeshl. No problems when done like I said here. It is kind of weird to smell french fries heading out to the course.
  13. That's good to know, thank you. I've got some work to do before I consider a wrap then Another brilliant piece of knowledge gleaned from SA. Love this place.
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