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  1. I have been using MS office (Word & Excel) for forever, and it is installed on my school computer, which is what I use it for mostly. I really don't want to have to learn new interfaces. I also use it on my boat which frequently is out of internet range so I don't want something that relies on WiFi.
  2. Well then, it must have been 2011. It came with the mac, and I bought the activation code. I can't find the old macbook, so I am pondering Office for Mac 2019, or wait for 2021.
  3. I should have mentioned that I read the “anti-bash” article. Just in case we need fuels or other stuff I am looking for the inshore route no longer circa 1990.
  4. It’s Ben 30 ish years since i did this. It will be next June (yes I know, I check nice.noaa.gov every day and I’ve been working north from the Caribbean side of Panama since 2016. the plan is to leave Marina ElmCid about the 2nd week of June and get to San Diego for a crew change. (Not everyone has a teacher’s flexibility. I’m good with going up the California’s, just rusty on Baja. anchorages, diesel, etc. the boat is a Swan 47 so she is able to take the bash (if we must). Just looking for good info on anchorages and gas. The last number of years coming up in this time frame have be
  5. Air Force Brand New Spirit Airlines Pilot Screws Up - Wrong Airport fixt.
  6. No one ha mentioned it yet. Faster in seconds per mile or dollars per mile. On my boat I could almost buy 2 white mains for the price of one black one.
  7. It is an identical MacBook - mid 2013. I bought it surplus from my school district because it was cheaper than a new battery and charging controller. I upgraded to 1tb storage. It was either office 2013 or 2011 for Mac.
  8. I did the Migration Assistant. I only installed it on my one Mac, but Microsoft "suggested" that I want to buy Office 365. I don't. I want a platform just like I had that doesn't need the interwebs to use - a lot of the places I want to use it don't have the interwebs. That makes the google doce/office 365 thing unworkable. I also tried openoffice. It sucks as bad as it did 10 years ago.
  9. But I didn’t piss off my old girl friend. The new girlfriends father sent her to me COD
  10. Had it on my old MacBook Air. Replaced it apparently MS decided I needed to but Office 375. No. I want my old Office back. I have the product key, but all I can find is the update that tells me to pound sand because I don’t have anything to update. I got a used MacBook just like my old one and a blank 1Tb solid state drive and used apple’s transfer feature. what’s up?
  11. "I said bank right not right bank...
  12. How many 8th floors did it have?
  13. But wouldn’t the 14th floor actually be the 13th in the US?
  14. I think everything flora fauna or critter in Oz is designed to make you dead. That's probably why the Brits made it a penal colony. Problem solved.
  15. I think you are confusing "paint" with "gelcoat". It is white.
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