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  1. Millli Vanilli. No words. (see what I did there?)
  2. I am a new owner of a Finnish built S&S 47 foot sloop that was commissioned in 1980. You may have guessed the builder in Pietarsaari Finland. She has a fresh survey that was passed with flying colors. I also have 10s of thousands of miles in oceans all over the planet. I have contacted a couple of insurers who are, how shall we say, slow, to respond to a request for a quote. Given the fresh survey and the reputation of the builder, am I missing anything? Covid slowness? Reluctance to underwrite? Thanks.
  3. They would have told the players to HTFU and leave the women's jewelry in yer locker.
  4. I didn't know they weren't paid already. Better check with my car dealer friend.
  5. I just replaced one of my Aqua Signal bow lights. It (as the others) has a 25W 12 volt filament bulb. I would love a 12V LED (2 mile) equivalent. No where I have looked, nor any of the bulb shops I have been to can help. Any ideas?
  6. All ridiculing aside, Mi esposa is proposing moving to Florida in about 5 years. Gulf coast OK with me. Atlantic coast, same. Here is what I need: 47 foot slip, 14 foot beam, 8 foot draft, ~75 foot bridge clearance. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks! True about the lever that helps keep the ocean away from the light. No, it doesn't. The latch won't stand up to a good sized wave; hence the need for the new light. I appreciate the reference!
  8. Thanks for the link. I’m not sure of the engine year/model. I think it is pre 2006
  9. I've got a Volvo TMD 22 60 HP turbo diesel. Yesterday, it hesitated to stop when I turned the key switch all the way left, to the stop position. Today it would not stop, so I had to use the stop lever. I am assuming that there is some sort of stop solenoid. I am trying to figure out whether it is the key switch or the stop solenoid. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. Ok, why does it use 1 qt every 65 miles?
  11. Delivering a boat with a velvet drive transmission. Want to make sure all is on the up and up before a big motor. I’d like to change the fluid. What does it take? I don’t have a lot of bandwidth in the Marina I’m stopped at, so searching is SLOW. Thanks!
  12. Or send her to Stockton, CA. They’re fun until those spherical spinnakers tell you where to go downwind.
  13. I have a Victron Energy Phoenix 12/30 charger that is about 5 years old. My boat has been away from me due to Covid. I have been able to see her in 10/20, 11/20, 1/21 and 3/21. I checked the water levels each time and the batteries needed little if any water (in April, none). I am having a survey done now to bring her home, and 4 of 5 Group 27 deep cycle batteries were dry and toast. Since I have just replaced them and I am finally in a position to bring my boat home, what simple tests can I perform to see what the cause was. On all 4 checks of the boat the charger was displaying "float".
  14. Not surprising. The big check is for the sails. Customer service after the fact? Please press 8 and wait for the next available representative. Estimated wait time is until you want a new sail.
  15. I have several people who want position updates. Is there a way to set up a distribution list like for email? Harming inreach +. obviously I’m not a good googler. Thanks!
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