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  1. They use more sail upwind! I think that boat works well under PHRF
  2. Thats why I am asking! thought to do a similar system as the sf3300
  3. I have seen a lot of J105 are sailing with a genoa about 40 m2. so the configuration I would like to try I think has to be an option to consider. not sure about the mast settings and the double backstay if it will work
  4. The J105 is underpowered, what do you think about trying a square top main and keep going with a jib. We don’t want to go with genoa... do you think can work something like this picture?
  5. This sail is a 110 m2 slu 16,2 sle 13 shw 9,3 sfl 9 measurements aprox. we have to sail, this picture was the first time. we sail in irc and orc
  6. We go with horizontal battens a no furler
  7. We have changed the wheel and now we are going with tiller. also put inhauler like j99 and changed the hidraulic to cascade system. could be interesting change rhe rudder to a newer design
  8. I am doing a new jib 29 m2 we have problems in light winds but dont want to go with genoa. next step is a new main 36 m2 oue kite is 96m2 probably the new one will be bigger
  9. The european normal size is 95 m2 aprox slu 15,8 sle 12,5 shw 8 sfl 7;6 the newer boats go for 106-8 m2 slu 16 sle 13 shw 9 sfl 8
  10. Seen the italian ORC 2020 one j99 called PALINURO and had good results. assym doyle sails with tuff luff
  11. I also own a J105! lovely yours Alaris! We have problems in light, and we are not able to do your changes! what about a bigger main and biggest jib and kite?
  12. Buying new 29 m2 jib with horizontal battens. next step thinking about buying an A2 from figaro. 120 m2.
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