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  1. We were allways fast and thought could point better, so after checking the tunning guides seen we were one point in front off the north sails guide. We were fast specially in strong winds. with the new mast setup we were able to point really better and keep speed. we are sailing in practically real time against a sf3200 r2 with really good sailors.
  2. The new mastep configuration works!!!
  3. Last weekend two bullets with a 20 boat fleet! Really improve, upwind was really nice.
  4. Hello! we have done the copa del rey this summer wich every race is W /L. our boat had problems in upwind, we couldnt go the same angle than our different competitors. we have now checkes the mast step and we have one point in front than the tunning guides. if we change it and get one point back just to the tunning guides says do you think the boat will improve? we have problems in light winds…
  5. https://youtube.com/shorts/35AW2uPky1k?feature=share that my J105. Incredible for solo and double. Mine is optimized also for ORC
  6. We had two championships. First really light winds less than 6 knots and we were second overall. second championship 3 bullets in 12 knots of breeze. really happy performance. Really incredible in downwind
  7. 80 meters. config now is sim spin plus code zero
  8. We have the new rating, and with sim spin configurarion won 15 sec per mile. lets ser this weekend...
  9. Hi there! Seems the boat with the assyn is not the best way to be competitive in W/L. anyone has tried a Sim with a pool?
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