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  1. That phrase hits me right between the eyes. I have a '78 Yammy DT and some VFRs that trampled that path through my head, heart, and memory then right into my garage. Logic goes right out the window when lust finds that old groove carved in long ago.
  2. Congrats! Always great to turn the corner from potential vessel/vehicle to a v/v that you can use... even if that use still has plenty of to-do between playdates.
  3. Bethel Island can be a little sketchy, as parts of it are really backwater, but rents really can be that cheap. I found her on Google Earth. She's lying right off the corner of Dutch Slough Road and Woods Yacht Harbor. Right next to the Sunset Harbor Marina Boat Launch Ramp, just east of the Bethel Island Road bridge. Go check it out!
  4. FYI, this Zonker fella knows that of which he speaks. He's probably too modest to call it out, but he is a working marine architect and made major modifications on a Woods catamaran that he subsequently sailed 'round the world with his family. You could hardly receive advice/assessment from better. If he says it can be repaired, it certainly can be. Here's hoping you are repaired and back on the water quickly and safely!
  5. I have seen way too many half-assed trailers, some from reputable manufacturers, even. Price competition can truly drive a race to the bottom. I respect and appreciate that you are doing this trailer rework WELL. Kudos!
  6. I have a spare rig for a 1977 Spirit 17' beach catamaran. Mast, boom, and old sails. The boat disappeared but the rig lives on. More power than you need, but simple to cut down. Only difficulty is figuring out the mast foot. Yours for the drive to Sacramento.
  7. HotCarNut has it right... ...but racinginparadise has it funnier!
  8. You do you, man... this thread I awesome and the views/clicks are ample evidence of your audience. I appreciate Leo, Mads, MJ, Arabella, etc. ... and I appreciate you and the island crew. Same neighborhood, different address. TJ is no delicate CFD and FEA flower. Your real world fixes are in keeping with her original build and all the work done since she first splashed. Keep up the great work -- many or us are enjoying the journey.
  9. You're not wrong. Kum-bah-ya, I guess. Maybe Rodney King had it right... or maybe there's too much 'mellow' in my meds tonight!
  10. Yup. Obnoxious often equates to inconsiderate... "my use is more important than your use." I'd argue that just about any vessel, vehicle, or craft can be used considerably somewhere somehow. The opposite extreme are NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and Karens... the trick is to avoid either extreme. The anti-recreationist ultra-backpacker who curses the sight of a contrails or the faint sound of a chainsaw is as wacked as junior wakeboarder, spraying tunes and wave energy from shore to shore. Most folks grow out of these extremes and wind up living in relative peace with each other.
  11. Do you need it? Are you woefully underpowered when you sheet in your current setup? I have used 4:1, 6:1, and 8:1 and on low wind days, I often unrig advantage if it doesn't unbalance the system too much. I shoot for as little advantage as possible, but as much as necessary... it saves on tramp spaghetti and overall mainsheet length. On a windy day, 8:1 is nice on my H18 -- on that same windy day, 8:1 can barely suffice on the H18. What are you sailing? I do like the low stack height if the 12:1 GP system, but for $1200, I'd sure want to try 10:1 before splashing that kind of coin o
  12. Discussing ANYTHING can be fantastic if done with decorum and truth. Better still if we add humor AND can all add assume good intent. Forums (not just this one) are often at their worst wit1hout that last bit. I don't imagine anyone in this thread is leaning back, twirling the ends of their mustache, and laughing evilly. Truth, decorum, humor, and good intent. That's the world I'd like to live in... whether headline news or messing about in boats.
  13. Seems like whatever you wind up with, a custom cart / set of beach wheels would help if you can leave them on the beach. Cat Trax can be modified to whatever width you need... maybe set up an extra long axle that extends beyond each wheel to support the amas and have a wheel on either side of the main hull? You would drag the hull less, and have better control. I have helped drag boat lifts in and out of a lake with similar wheels. Way better than carrying all the weight and the wheels did pretty well over sizable rocks at low tire pressures.
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