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  1. Earplugs for short term... add a couple shots of rattle-can shellac primer for longer. Shellac dries quick as the alcohol flashes off and wipes right off if you put an alcohol/ammonia-soaked rag on it for a minute. Waterproof and easily reversible with no silicone remnants.
  2. REALLY good distinction... it underlines the difference between designing a component comparison test (fewer variables) and designing a system that works across as many situations as possible (more variables).
  3. Blech. Not the override that I wanted to visualize.
  4. Perhaps related: Watch "Explosively hydroforming a steel sphere" on YouTube Apparently not unusual for forming spherical tanks. Hydroforming without a traditional pump.
  5. It might make you a little slower to plane. :p Definitely looking for to hearing about the results of your pod. Torqueedo's offering doesn't impress.
  6. Most ATF has significant detergent content... some folks use it as an engineer cleaner. As long as the oil flushes clear, you'll likely be fine.
  7. I you want to try out some H18 sails, I have a few sets in a range of conditions (including a laminate square head), and an extra mast. I'd be happy to loan them out. I also have a Tiger, but I'm a little more protective of those sails. :p IIRC H16 had a 26.5' mast, H18 was 28, Tiger was 29.5, and H20 was 31. What's the diameter and section width of your mast? Randii
  8. Unless he clearly TURNED into you (tough to prove), you're pretty much in the wrong. You'd need an official right there and it would have to be a major turn, and you said you basically turned up into him in getting out on the wire. Buy those sailors a round, bury the hatchet, and go practice in the gusts -- you'll minimize ill will, have more fun (time on the water > time in protest), and be better set to roll under him next time... ...or if he starts footing down on you again, ne ready to bear up and roll right upwind of him next time. Your F18 oughta eat him for lunch, especiall
  9. There's not a huge amount of info kicking around on these boats... their name/brand is almost optimized NOT to web-search with specificity! They are laid up in Viet Nam. and you can have one built to spec there, or get a boat-in-a-box. https://maxcruisemarine.com/max42sc-sailing-catamaran/ Will be interesting to watch. I'm nowhere near in that market, until enough other folks buy them to generate a used market. :p ...and a used home-built catamaran-in-a-container from a relatively unknown yard? What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
  10. Youtube served this into my feed... a build-kit 42, designed to fit into shipping containers. I've no affiliation to these folks, and I'm not the biggest fan of formula-based vloggers who mill out content with clickbait. I haven't seen enough of their stuff to make a judgement but their website clicks for free to this boat: https://www.mjsailing.com/catamaran-build/ It looks pretty cool. They were also looking at Schionning flat-pack cats, which seems like pretty well-tested technology at this point. The Max cat is apparently moulded and dry-fit aligned/assembled at the factory, then
  11. Harder than you think, with airband using AM and marine using FM. With some of the Chinese HTs, you can actually program in the right frequency, but you won't hear much (if anything) and will transmit even less.
  12. Sharpie wipes away on most hard surfaces with alcohol or most non-water solvents. Wax before if you want to be absolutely certain it will come clean. Once you are certain of placement, you can choose a more permanent solution (nail polish, paint marker, stamp/emboss, etc.).
  13. Projects can over balance the actual usage. I've been there on 4x4s, boats, and motorbikes... even RC planes (thank God it wasn't a real plane with real A&P dollars!). I don't think there's any shame in it, as long as you love it. Tough to explain to others, sometimes, but if it makes you happy, go for it!
  14. I didn't see much chit? Lots of doom claims from the voice over, but not much drama from the sailor. He nosed up to the first dock and let two folks step up, then one dropped the bow line... without that, it seems like he would have been in solid shape to toss a stern line to the second and/or rotate in with the motor. The single centered board on those Stiletto cats allow surprising pivots, especially with separate rudder and motor tiller controls. With the first line dropped, he backed out and throttled up to clear the docks upwind to reset, then successfully docked on the sec
  15. I am unfamiliar with this "enough boats" phrase. Plz explain? :p Actually, no... don't. I don't want to understand! I suspect Stephen looked at this and was questioning whether it flies or floats.... those pictures look like a fuselage at first glance. Beautiful.
  16. Looks like you are having a blast! Excellent!
  17. Measure, order, upgrade. Unless the weldor is a buddy and you'll be getting a buddy price, a new axle will probably be in the same neighborhood of the 2-hour minimum most guys charge around here... I have welding gear and would probably still buy new, unless the spindles and bearings were brand new. The welding wouldn't take long, but the cleanup, prep, and fixture to get it straight... that will. I went through something similar on a weird little camper that sheared off its spindle... after watching craigslist for a while, I found a new axle that didn't fit as intended, and br
  18. Let's hope it infuses the secondary market with desirable multi hulls! I love that new choices are available for new boats but my budget suggests that I need several owners involved upstream of me.
  19. West Systems has information about using their products with diesel: https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/epoxy-composite-tank-guidelines/ Might be able to.scuff up the existing float and build up a new skin... then just reuse the float.
  20. So this (girlfriend) has a weight 38% greater than advertised. Interweb sez the average American female weighs 170.6 lbs. https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/average-weight-for-women Now add 38% (65), adjust for Canadian exchange rates, then convert to metric. Even if this is a blind date (the sail hasn't even come out of the bag yet), one could argue that her personal ad didn't quite match reality. I'd probably still go on the date, FWIW, and at least spread (the sail) out for further inspection, but I might wonder about stretching (the metaphor) too far.
  21. Simple enough to re-anneal copper washers and re-use... use a torch to heat the washer up to a dull red color, then quench in water. Even a butane mini torch will do the trick. New copper washers are simpler, but annealing is a handy thing to know when easy replacements are unavailable.
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