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  1. HotCarNut has it right... ...but racinginparadise has it funnier!
  2. You do you, man... this thread I awesome and the views/clicks are ample evidence of your audience. I appreciate Leo, Mads, MJ, Arabella, etc. ... and I appreciate you and the island crew. Same neighborhood, different address. TJ is no delicate CFD and FEA flower. Your real world fixes are in keeping with her original build and all the work done since she first splashed. Keep up the great work -- many or us are enjoying the journey.
  3. You're not wrong. Kum-bah-ya, I guess. Maybe Rodney King had it right... or maybe there's too much 'mellow' in my meds tonight!
  4. Yup. Obnoxious often equates to inconsiderate... "my use is more important than your use." I'd argue that just about any vessel, vehicle, or craft can be used considerably somewhere somehow. The opposite extreme are NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and Karens... the trick is to avoid either extreme. The anti-recreationist ultra-backpacker who curses the sight of a contrails or the faint sound of a chainsaw is as wacked as junior wakeboarder, spraying tunes and wave energy from shore to shore. Most folks grow out of these extremes and wind up living in relative peace with each other.
  5. Do you need it? Are you woefully underpowered when you sheet in your current setup? I have used 4:1, 6:1, and 8:1 and on low wind days, I often unrig advantage if it doesn't unbalance the system too much. I shoot for as little advantage as possible, but as much as necessary... it saves on tramp spaghetti and overall mainsheet length. On a windy day, 8:1 is nice on my H18 -- on that same windy day, 8:1 can barely suffice on the H18. What are you sailing? I do like the low stack height if the 12:1 GP system, but for $1200, I'd sure want to try 10:1 before splashing that kind of coin o
  6. Discussing ANYTHING can be fantastic if done with decorum and truth. Better still if we add humor AND can all add assume good intent. Forums (not just this one) are often at their worst wit1hout that last bit. I don't imagine anyone in this thread is leaning back, twirling the ends of their mustache, and laughing evilly. Truth, decorum, humor, and good intent. That's the world I'd like to live in... whether headline news or messing about in boats.
  7. Seems like whatever you wind up with, a custom cart / set of beach wheels would help if you can leave them on the beach. Cat Trax can be modified to whatever width you need... maybe set up an extra long axle that extends beyond each wheel to support the amas and have a wheel on either side of the main hull? You would drag the hull less, and have better control. I have helped drag boat lifts in and out of a lake with similar wheels. Way better than carrying all the weight and the wheels did pretty well over sizable rocks at low tire pressures.
  8. Nice thing about a car that narrow/low and a boat that wide is that you will be able to see exactly what's going on behind you in your side mirrors and maybe even under the tramp in your center mirror! If you're going to be trailering a ton, IMHO the best Investments you can make are in tie downs, trailer tires, and wheel bearing maintenance.
  9. Not at all limited to THIS forum, THIS website, or THIS electronic form of media. Perceived anonymity leads to explosive growth of opinions... Many folks appreciate the honest, open sharing from a boat builder. I certainly do... even as I know I would not, if I was sitting at your desk. Thanks for having a thick skin!
  10. Felix Dennis grouped these Fs together... it seem to relate to more than just spending: "If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it." As a poet, I'm sure he was aware that the quote has better meter and rhythm with one syllable words, but he was smart to make it more publishable to wider audiences... it alliterates just as well either way.
  11. Does your S17 trailer flat like a Hobie or angled up like a Tornado? Flat has minimal windage, layed out parallel.with the ground and mostly sheltered by the hulls. Angled up, I could see your concern in crosswinds, though.
  12. Nah. Don't pathologize it. :p It ain't a disease... it is rather its very own destination in and of itself. I love to fettle, fuss, and fix boat bits, bike bits, 4x4 bits, etc. Much of this can be done in my backyard on a weeknight when I cant actually get the boats/bikes/etc. out on the water/road/trail. It is all part of the hobby, IMHO... and the guys like Groucho and racinginparadise do it best: play, putter, play, putter, and on...
  13. Another data point: NPR just ran a story listing $3500 last year, $10K right now, and a $1500 'surplus fee' to cut in the queue and actually get the container on the ship. Online calculators are still providing estimates based on 2020 math, but you can't actually get those prices.
  14. 3 grand from Asia to SFO last year for a 40' lightly loaded seabox. 12K last month for same, and that was a soft bid -- no promises before a deposit. Prices are still going up.
  15. I really like the 8.5 box ruleset... and appreciate that they are trying to find space between the old Stiletto boats and the Stiletto X. I like my toys cheaper than that, so I'd look for an older Stiletto to refurb, maybe with new high-zoot spars and definitely with fresh rags. I like that folks are trying to create a business in 8.5-10m cats, and I would love if this option were available for me second-hand a few years down the road. It is a concern that they are trying to build a 10 boat book (presumably with deposits) before having a proof-of-concept prototype... but that's proba
  16. The boat that you have (whatever it may be) has real advantages over the one you don't yet have (whatever that may be). Your Wave is a great start, and you can learn from practical experience while you consider other options.
  17. Keep it in mind... with the other boats running 31' masts, it might be worth coming up with a mast base ball that would allow a hobie mast. With a hundred feet of dyneema, you'd be able to try different canvas. All speculation from me... but I come from a four-wheel trail runner background. I love mix and match!
  18. Earplugs for short term... add a couple shots of rattle-can shellac primer for longer. Shellac dries quick as the alcohol flashes off and wipes right off if you put an alcohol/ammonia-soaked rag on it for a minute. Waterproof and easily reversible with no silicone remnants.
  19. REALLY good distinction... it underlines the difference between designing a component comparison test (fewer variables) and designing a system that works across as many situations as possible (more variables).
  20. Blech. Not the override that I wanted to visualize.
  21. Perhaps related: Watch "Explosively hydroforming a steel sphere" on YouTube Apparently not unusual for forming spherical tanks. Hydroforming without a traditional pump.
  22. It might make you a little slower to plane. :p Definitely looking for to hearing about the results of your pod. Torqueedo's offering doesn't impress.
  23. Most ATF has significant detergent content... some folks use it as an engineer cleaner. As long as the oil flushes clear, you'll likely be fine.
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