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  1. Those smaller fragments will be easier to remove than the one big assembly. :p
  2. Soak, soak, soak... then soak some more. Use a 6 sided socket, a torque multiplier, and a ratchet. Be forceful gently.
  3. Excessive distance? I went cross-country to look at boats because there weren't many west coast options in the larger-than-a-beachcat and capable of week ending aboard. It made for a fun weekend of pursuit and visiting cats in Chesapeake Bay and on the St. Lawrence. I do wish there were more choices in this space.
  4. Definitely not. I was commenting on another post that wondered about Harleys. Honestly, HDs don't generally make much sense to me, but to each their own, and I'm glad there are choices. Now cut an EVO motor out, give it some top-end work, and run it in a Buell tube frame and that Harley motor starts making sense to me. I've not straddled a later-model Buell, so I can't comment on how those work, just my Thunderbolt. The engineering looks tops, though! Nothing to do with proas, really... but I like that there are choices there in boats as well as bikes. BTW, I'm a fan of roads le
  5. Try a turn-of-the-century Buell... and suddenly Harleys make sense. :p Big, long-throw EVO with better breathing, effective vibration dampening (well, at least above 2500 rpms), all wrapped up in a sport/touring bike and kept under 600 lbs. It makes kinetic sense in practice, in spite of appearances... I suspect proas are the same: ignore what tradition says "makes sense" and they it yourself. You just might be surprised. Weird shit can be that way.
  6. Will a front loader still herniate the core out of the casing? I know from sad experience that top leaders will. I just stick with a tote full of water and detergent these days... I lost a pretty decent halyard to herniation from my top loader. One minute it was just dirty, and five minutes later it was shot. I tried to milk the casing back over the core and it just wasn't willing. Ah well, it was an opportunity to upgrade.
  7. For the pageviews. Another example of the difference between gunkholing around the world without fanfare... vs. speeding from one photo opportunity to another. Different cruising styles.
  8. Yup. It doesn't scale for most users... but you can make it scale for yourself if you buy salvaged vehicles. Folks have been doing battery walls for homes with some success, but it starts with buying batteries WELL below cost, and generally requires some gambling. Building and optimizing a matched pack still takes a willingness to roll your own. DIY and all that. Oh, and Mercedes Benz had an interesting approach to leasing batteries separate of Smart Car vehicles... but I think they killed the program before doing anything with it. And Smart Car were hardly 'scale' in volume... their
  9. I have been at Napa Valley Marina a few times this year, as late a two months ago... she was on dry stands every time I went. Years of storage fees probably exceed her recycle/redemption value. :p FWIW, she's still visible on Google Earth satellite view, as well, but I trust the fella above that said she had been splashed.
  10. Seems downright prescient in Covid-19 times.
  11. I can't speak to fabricating it. I will say that I just purchased a similar butane torch from Amazon for modest bucks. They also carry the refill cylinders in bulk, and can ship them to you unless you live in California-stan (a well-intentioned poorly-considered law complicated butane fuel purchase recently since potheads had been blowing themselves up while extracting cannabis oils). Hopefully your current location is a little more intelligent with fuel restrictions -- these little butane torches are exceptionally handy when I don't want to run an extension cord or drag out the oxy/acety
  12. Hmm. My crossbars are mostly 7x4.5. Will think on this...
  13. Yup... other options listed on their website: https://tampacatamarans.com/hobie-16-aftermarket-trampoline-standard-design/ Nice tramp, but I believe the Hobie branded tramps last longer.. though they cost more, too. If you race, some folks will protest you for using non-standard tramp. TANSTAAFL. Cover your tramp of any manufacturer and it will live a long and happy life.
  14. What's the section? Rough measurements? I am looking for bits and pieces to reinforce some multihull crossbars. Apologies if this is too soon.
  15. Awfully hard to get an easy step-down into the hulls AND not look boxy. I think soft ceiling finishes and hard heads may be a tolerable compromise. Richard Woods has penned some interesting cuddies for smaller boats, displacing the 'hallway' outside into the cockpit/patio and allowing more square feet of short-headroom living area inside. This seems a reasonable trade-off for mild weather and weekend-ing, but has obvious limitations for heavy weather and long-term cruising. Different horses for different courses, I guess. I like the general curves of the Antigua 37 hulls and hardtop
  16. Well, you *do* have some experience adding room to a cat. :p You had about 10' more in overall length to work with, right? Agreed that this Daz isn't really meant to be a live-aboard boat. I don't think that's her intention, as lightly as she's kitted out. I wonder how much remaining load capacity she actually has with the bridgedeck weight added? I have similarly 'spacious' berths in my Tennant, and there's just no way you're getting two reasonable-sized people in the stern berths OR V-berths without a hammock and possible inadvertent insemination. Bridgedeck headroom is about the
  17. Thanks for the MJ sailing link. Interesting to look around inside and see how much functional space they achieved with the bridgedeck conversion on the older open-deck hulls. I'd love to know weight before and after. From the video this looks like a decent compromise inside, with standing room down, good sitting space centered, and ducked-down clearance across inside the back wall of the bridgedeck, still allowing good visibility forward from the cockpit. Making all those vertical dimensions work and still looking good from the outside is a real challenge under 10m. The zip-door for the
  18. Lots of really great info in this thread. Price Updates for June 2020: - Tempo Disk is $30 - Govee is $16 I Craigslist-ed a couple of compressor dehumidifiers and ran them while it was wet. The Central Valley of California is done being wet for the next three months or so, and I have unplugged the dehumidifiers for the summer, and I'm keeping an eye on the monitors in the meantime.
  19. I have an old running jacket that is really light and breathes pretty well. It isn't waterproof but it is dust proof. I pull the jacket over the gloves and it seals up pretty well. I wet-sand with soapy water. It also helps for toweling off the sanding dust and such.
  20. I have a cover that came with my F18 tiger. I've patched it a few times... it has a separate cover that slides/snaps on to cover the spin sock. The cover is actually in four pieces -- port hull forward of tramp, starboard hull forward of tramp, hulls and tramp aft of mast, and spinny sock. The cover works great, and the sock cover works pretty well. It is a long rectangle that covers the whole sock and snuffer, but needs to have gaps sufficient to allow the guy wires , bridle, prebend lashing, etc. Those gaps let in UV unless they are buttoned up *just* right, and a windy day jostles enou
  21. What does this word mean... especially in toy and boat context?
  22. That's what I was thinking. Better still, print it in layers and then laminate it up with 'glass between?
  23. That isn't the best way to repair, but a Wharram hull might be about buoyancy-neutral with the floors awash... you've a whole lot of floaty wood and a whole 'nother hull before you need a snorkel. Of course, the downside is that you lose style points being unable to time the perfect Jack Sparrow dockside arrival...
  24. randii

    Proa 21

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...
  25. This guy knows what he's talking about... some of the other posters are somewhat less well informed. - Uhaul is in the process of, or has just completed replacing their entire truck fleet -- they are pretty nice trucks. - Uhaul is the only national chain I found to rent one-way trucks that allow you to pull *your *trailer (Penske and Ryder do not allow you to pull personal trailers behind their trucks). - As mentioned above, Enterprise rents certain trucks for round trips AND allows trailering of non-Enterprise trailers (sometimes there's a difference between Business Rental and Personal
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