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  2. This guy knows what he's talking about... some of the other posters are somewhat less well informed. - Uhaul is in the process of, or has just completed replacing their entire truck fleet -- they are pretty nice trucks. - Uhaul is the only national chain I found to rent one-way trucks that allow you to pull *your *trailer (Penske and Ryder do not allow you to pull personal trailers behind their trucks). - As mentioned above, Enterprise rents certain trucks for round trips AND allows trailering of non-Enterprise trailers (sometimes there's a difference between Business Rental and Personal
  3. Age of boat, age of trailer? The simplest transaction wouldn't have motors or EPA considerations to cope with... but the real complexity may be the trailer upon which the boat resides, unless the trailer was built by a manufacturer to particular USA-friendly specs. A related thread: The rules for importing CAN boats to the US can be pretty simple. Motor rules are more complicated. VEHICLE import rules can be truly labyrinthine... and the trailer falls under that category. Do this well and you may have a good deal. Do it poorly and you might find your property stuck in impound
  4. As strange as this transaction is, the various governments may be left in the same lurch. Has the boat actually been imported or is it just 'visiting?' Is the duty paid? An unpaid delivery captain might be sufficiently unhappy to make a call to the new state of residence and suggest a sales tax follow-up investigation.
  5. Generally used for theft prevention, or in anti-tampering applications. Also seen on Bimmer stereo bits. Interesting detail for this build, regardless.
  6. Tapered lines are pretty slick, as well. When you run this many parts of purchase, there's lots of length, so smaller sheets in the blocks help, but you'll want fatter line and covering though cleats or in your mitts.
  7. I use my Yacthsman chart book for San Francisco Bay and the Delta... see image inline. Better general info but a little dated maps are in Schnell's Delta Cruising Guide.
  8. Shop your local craigslist... beach cat guys use this kind of gear for their mainsheet systems.
  9. Those kids will have memories that might make them sailors a few decades from now. Good on you, Defy.
  10. Cool, I understand the skewers now. The important part is the smoothness of the traveler's flow. All those little balls inside should be pretty forgiving of point loading on the bends (maybe a little increase in wear, but the balls aren't too spendy). Cool that you got the track to lay down smooth against the arc of the coach roof with no kinks!
  11. It looks like you used the screws to bend a straight track across the curved surface... is that right? It looks like the result is a fair curve. How many degrees off was each fastener... or maybe a different way: after you snuggled down each fastener, how far away was the next fastest along the track, and how much space was there between the track and curved deck?
  12. I'm saying that the site name (claim?) is inconsistent with moderation. Deletion of good content is a loss for the community, but in architecting the site to allow individual deletion (by accident or intent), the authorities... errm... owners ... umm... tenured anarchists ... well, those guys set us up for that loss. Our overlords bear the blame for providing the option. I suppose a concerned anarchist could report the loss of the post to a moderating authority (I am half-serious, half-sarcastic here).
  13. Thom is a good guy. He posts good info. I wouldn't delete stuff quite like that, but it doesn't change the quality of what he posts. We can get in a tizzy about deletions, or ask why the option was included in the first place. I've created, moderated, and participated in forums for a while... it is an exceedingly rare option, especially since most Terms of Service sign over content publishing rights (and thus the right to remove). Or we could just cite the second part of the site's name and use it to justify whatever we want. That's long been a tradition here, or by self-claimed anar
  14. Nice! My state owns the boat ramps so I'm locked off my lake for now, and itching to take the Tiger out. Thanks for sharing.... it was therapeutic!
  15. Definitely one of the things I valued when I bought my Tennant Turissimo. It is essentially an empty hull with just a bit of electrical wiring... enough for starting the outboard, charging, lighting, and a few fans to move air. There's a canned fuel cooktop and a sink with a drain and a shelf over it for the water jug. I'm not going trans-Atlantic with it, though... and it ain't French, so I'm part of the thread drift...
  16. Some say yes (recommend turning down the volume). Some of the same people later say no. Then again needle-nosed, highly-rockered H16s can be tough NOT to pitchpole in sport conditions.
  17. Car and RV dealerships do really well on marking up and reselling financing. If I won the lottery that I don't play, I'd look hard at Outremers. Really, they have 42' interiors in 50' boats -- and that's better to my taste than a 50' interior layer-caked into a 40' waterline, like Lagoon.
  18. Recreational Vehicles have similar post-sale issues... to the point where it isn't uncommon advice to buy 'lightly' used. You save on the initial depreciation hit and the previous owner has probably shaken out most of the bugs. There are other similarities, as well -- RV and boat manufacturers both assemble and integrate many parts and systems from other manufacturers. The bits and pieces have individual warranties, but a true bumper-to-bumper warranty is rare. The integration seems like the most challenging part of the equation, but getting service from subordinate warranties may almost
  19. Retask a cheapo hot knife for rope like this ... a solder gun might do in a pinch? 5200 makes an incredibly durable patch. It might work for a seam, as well.
  20. What I recall is that Terrapin had an F31 sail -- that's a 42.5' stick, and that'd be really close to the bottom of that bridge. Reach out to @Paxfish to find out more. I'm not even sure the boat is still for sale -- I looked at her back in fall of 2018 just off the Cheapeake.
  21. He was in the low 20s ask. It was a great looking boat, and had great sails. Dunno if she's still for sale. https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f152/malcolm-tennant-cat-for-sale-199538.html
  22. Terrapin may still be on the market. She's a Tennant Wildfire, is just under 30' and is on your coast. Nice boat, ultimately, I elected to go with a boat with a trailer, otherwise she would have followed me home...
  23. Five feet? Is that about when the third slider starts moving? Disconnect that slider from the sail and have an assistant stand on the boom and manually run that slider separate of the sail: is the slider tough to move and does that make the sail any easier to run up? Simple enough to test, may help rule in or rule out individual parts. Can't hurt to clean and dry-lube the track, or to unslot the sliders and polish them up and check them for wear. Shiny metal slides easier.
  24. Looks like you have several nearby threaded bosses for reference. Use something narrower than them?and compare depths of the threaded holes to see if there's remnants in the hole still. If you have greater depth than 1X or 1.5X the bolt thickness and you are only missing a few threads, using a matching length of threaded rod is a workable solution after running tap cleanup. I'd loc-tite that stud in place though -- keeps the loosening/tightening cycles off the weakened threads.
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