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  1. Its nearly impossible to raise the sail on the boat. Unfortunately, I wish I knew that when purchasing. I bought the boat to tow behind our monohull and foil all weekend while on our mooring. Couldn't do that. My next bet was to trailer the boat because I am 1.5 miles from the water but no place locally to keep the boat rigged on a beach. So I had to completely rig the boat when I arrived at the beach. Foils, rig, everything. It takes some time to get the boat from complete disassemble on a trailer to fully rigged and ready to launch. So being a busy dad I never literally had hours to go sail
  2. Tomfl, the quick answer to your questions are, don't worry about seeing one, buy one, yes, yes and yes. I jumped in early boat #42 and waited quite some time in the initial production runs. I've also been to the factory several times as im only 2 hours away. What Dave says is spot on. Very skilled men in the shop turning these out by hand, not made in a large pop out china factory. My sailing background is larger monohulls and have sailed and owned almost every Hobie made. I had always had my sights on a foiler and when I saw the UFO on my radar preproduction I was sold. I didn't even nee
  3. For Sale. Make Offer. 631-697-9280 Long Island NY. See classified section for ad. Any reasonable offer accepted. Hip replacement surgery forces sale. Fully updated boat with newest generation parts from factory.
  4. UFO FOR SALE.....Best offer. See classified in dinghy section. Like new used 6 times. Hip replacement forces sale or I would never sell. Every factory upgrade available including Gen. 3 spreader bracket just released. GET A GREAT DEAL AND GO TO THE NEXT CLINIC LATER THIS MONTH!!. I learned more in 1 day at the owners clinic than I would have all summer!
  5. On another note. My main complaint and jealousy of other sailors is the ability to leave your boat on a dock or beach rigged and ready to go. I live on Long island and no such beach exists without joining a full blown yacht club. I went to the town supervisor who got me in touch with head of maritime services for the town. Explained how every surrounding state has beaches with designated catamaran parking available. We discussed it (last June) in detail. I just reached out again to find out to my delight that, in fact, the town is setting up designated spots at 2 of our local town beaches for
  6. Dave, Could you post a simple diagram of a typical course you sail in these regattas so I can practice. THANKS!!
  7. A few things...... 1. Its was AMAZING to see that you don't truly have to have full foiling ability to race the regattas. Thats inspirational. 2. I ENVY those who have a place to keep the boat stored rigged and ready to go at any moment. It takes me an hour to get in the water trailering 1 mile to the beach every time on long island. Though, still working with the town to get spots on the beach we can leave boats. (Does anyone trailer with foils rigged ready to go??) 3. Dave, are there any events scheduled up here yet on LI sound?? Let me know. If I haven't sold the boat by then
  8. UFO FOR SALE!!!! If you missed the nonexistent black Friday sale and the Cyber Monday sale. Don't miss out on this one. Boat Like new used 5 times. Including like new Trailer with Reg. ready to roll anywhere! The only reason I'm selling is lack of time to use. Contact me through Classified ad in dinghy section. Best to all....what an AMAZING BOAT Dave and team!!
  9. Noooo!! Thats the batten key. Put the line through the clew and put the knot of the line through the loop in the line. Hooe that makes sense. In sure someone will post a pic.
  10. I'm sure Dave could answer this better. The course was simple keep the island to your left. It was not a bouy course. If your not foiling your slower than all those other boats. It was only foiling conditions for half the race if that. 2 other classes started an hour earlier when there was more favorable wind. Catamarans were a separate class. In light wind a hobie and other cats just sail away from you. Dave did have a go at some of the H16's. Even when there was just enough wind to foil, I couldn't get going because of the ridiculous amount of boat wake from every direction possible. I saile
  11. The Millenium Falcon hull#42 entered the 2018 Around shelter island race yesterday. A grueling 30+ mile race in 0 to 15 knots of wind and every type of chop, boat wake and smooth water sailing. I sailed along with Dave and a personal safety boat from the team, props to Andrew for the amazing job with the rib. I was on the boat for over 6 hours. I'm sore today but still smiling. Only my 6th time on the boat and can now, hands down, say this boat is amazing to sail and bulletproof. I had some really great foiling runs and moments and only 1 capsize. This boat can go upwind and down foiling. If y
  12. Hello to the group! Im Hull #42. Been out only 5 times but what a blast. Attached is a quick video a friend shot when he saw me out. I was riding in very low mode because it was steady 15 gusting to 20 (i needed some stability). Location Huntington and Northport bays, Long Island. Sorry for the jumpy video. It was shot from a friend in a whaler with one hand and his phone.
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