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  1. There were two J99 in the 2021 ORC Europeans in Italy, I don't know the individual Teams but one bet the IY9.98 and even a IY 11.98 both are designated ORC designs. Interestingly enough one is Named DK and the other 2.10, I assume one has the find and the other the standard keel option. Not that I have heard of a DualKeel jet
  2. Thank you for your Tips! A gelplane would be available on amazon for 35 Euros, I guess since its sold by a German company its easily available here in Europe. Would you suggest to overpaint these spots for now, and plan to do a full bottom job in the near future or just leave it as is for now?
  3. I was (more or less) gifted a Dehler Delanta 78 last spring. It's a 1982 Vintage and in overall good condition except for the Bottom. As it is my first own boat I do lack experience in maintenance. The boat spends April - September in a fresh water lake, wich has drinking water quality. During the season the boat gets heavily used, more than twice a week. So far no one in my Club had proper issues with osmosis etc. The fouling after the season is mostly alga wich can be removed with a high pressure washer. The bottom has been prepped with VC 17 annually except for last season, d
  4. My Family used to own an Alphena One, aside from the nice looks it was a complete nightmare! - turned out 300Kg heavier than advertised, the weight in the specifications was later changed from 1.6T to 1.8T - the rig dimensions seemed to have nothing in common with the original sail plan was discovered when we designed a 3dl Genoa since the boat doesn't really move with the self tacking jib - rudder balance was a joke (The boat yawed to weather in the lightest of gusts) it was also almost impossible to sail it with only main or only the jib - build quality overal was bad
  5. In 2016 Glas build a full Wooden Dragon for daysailing with an inboard engine:
  6. schraz

    new j/day

    The inboard engine sucked in some water an was damaged but got repaired. The other stuff that I mentioned made the stylish daysailer an absolute nightmare
  7. schraz

    new j/day

    I really like it! I think it could be quite popular on the European lakes! The problem with the J88 is that it's 2m Draft is just to much for most Lakes, otherwise It would be a very nice racer/day-boat as it is more "boat" than a J70 or Melges 24. My family used to own a J80 wich was perfect for the lake, as it was quick easy to handle and the big cockpit allowed for daysailing with friends and family. The only main issue was indeed the Outboard engine, which is just a mood killer when you want to take out your non sailing friends for a gin & tonic on the water. That
  8. J99 King of Blue is currently on top of its class at the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez: Results: http://www.lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr/regates/wp-content/uploads/1MODGEN2020.pdf Participants: http://www.lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr/regates/wp-content/uploads/1MODINS2020.pdf
  9. Has it been sold? Or is that the Old Esimit Europa ? There was a boat Christening at the Yacht Club de Monaco this weekend, for a boat wich looks awfully similar! I am not aware of any other slim 100 Footers around, it is also entered for the Rolex Maxi Cup in Porto Cervo.
  10. My sailing club has one that is raced by a group of youth members. Yes they are cheap but also cheaply made... you can see and feel it right away! I would rather look at a J80! Better Quality, rather active class and a lot faster especially in the light. The B one is a sitting duck in the light and can't sail to her local rating here. Plus the B/one has no traveler & backstay which could be handy to de-power short handed!
  11. Yes it should be the old platoon , they took second in their class with the J/V 52 in the 2018 Offshore Worlds in The Hague.
  12. From what I see they did everything they could in that situation. Thunderstorms happen quite regularly on the alpine lakes and are very difficult to forecast. Usually you can spot them develop about 30min before it hits you! The big difference between a big sea breeze and a storm on the lakes are the ridiculous wind shifts! Its not uncommon that something hits you 30-40 degree off! I am very used to these short lived high peaks from sailing on lakes in the German alps, where you just have to survive the 30 min of carnage. Lake racers simply don't have most safety gear onb
  13. It seems like the two JV designed boats could have a slight speed advantage over the rest of the fleet! Sometimes I wonder how nice it would be if the AC would use similar boats(and budgets)! 20-30 52's in a fleet race to qualify for the match racing
  14. I don't know how PHRF works and what the penalties are. We mainly raced under Yardstick on Alpine Lakes in Europe, where we (unfortunately) mostly sail in 0-10Knots of Wind. We have tried 145% Genua, but ditched it since the speed advantages can't justify the penalty. Furthermore with the Genua you loose the ability to sail in high mode. Compared to older boats with large overlapping Jibs we were always able to sail 10-15 degrees higher where we could compensate a lot. Especially for Light Winds we have made the experience that very low rig tension powers up the boat very early.
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