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  1. Would you have the same attitude if someone here expressed racist or anti-Semitic views? Would you expect only people from that race or religion to object?
  2. Since the Aussie men win gold using supplied equipment it’s clear it’s not the boats. And since the Aussie women have never got an Olympic medal it’s clear that any supposed winning edge for Aussie sailors must be restricted to the men. I wonder how the boats can know what gender their sailor is?
  3. Sad to see a once great class become so hypocritical. They whine about how unfair it is that Finn sailors will lose their Olympic spot, then propose that male windsurfers suffer the same fate. They claim that the Games should represent the sport, but then whine about the huge number of yachties getting two spots, which leaves them grossly under-represented. They ignore the whole concept of being fair to sailors of all weights for decades while it suits them, then hypocritically bang on about it once the tide turns against them. Oh, and One point five, arrogant fuckwits like you can st
  4. He was sailing (and loving) them in the 80s, with the old Greenwich fleet. He also hacked one up with a lovely high aspect keel and rudder, racks and 18 Footer rig. Used to love it planing past us on Another Concubine in the CYC winter series
  5. Anyway enough of watching squirming from LB, someone who has flung lots of abuse but can’t take any flak. It’s been interesting but rather pitiful to watch someone who can fling shit but can’t take it, but I’m off sailing.
  6. Definitely not Aspergers or anything like that. I just don’t like would-be bullies.
  7. So let’s get this clear - you abuse people post after post, but then whine when other people make allegations? Why are you so sensitive now, sweetie?
  8. Recidivist, I was pissed off at your untrue statement that I was an authoritarian. People who know me would laugh themselves silly at that. It may well have been OTT to call it a lie and I will withdraw that statement, but if you are going to try to label people they will hit back. As far as over-reacting goes, it’s possible - but this is SA. It’s a place where people get excited and rant. The other thing is that a lot of what has happened seems to relate to abuse of volunteers - something that I strongly believe should not go on unopposed. And finally, this is clearly annoying so
  9. This stuff is disappointing since I have always respected you. Now you start slinging stupid insults, silly psychoanalysis and lies. No, the point is that I am NOT saying when due process is required. The RRS, cases and club rules say that. You are the one claiming to know when it is required and that you are the All Knowing and that the RRS are wrong.....not to mention the legal system. Apart from everything else, due process can be basically impossible in a small club. Try finding someone with no bias; who is willing to go through the system; who knows due process; who unde
  10. So you think the jury should just ignore the rules?
  11. The point is that the rules are simple - as the US case states the club’s powers to exclude an entry are almost infinite, as long as the exclusion is not based on factors like race or religion. Therefore there is no need to put up any information to decide if there is a right to exclude. Under the rules there is apparently not a shred of doubt that the right to exclude exists Yes, the way the RRS are written if someone complained about the beer they could be excluded . Has anything like that ever occurred? Not as far as I know Given that AS has to apply the rules and the fac
  12. As noted earlier, you cannot 69 someone if they are not a competitor at the time. Someone could call the pc a bunch of drug smuggling wife beaters on the take, but if they were not entered at the time then 69 does not apply
  13. “Due process” is not always required. In this case I think you’ll find the club rules specifically say there is unlimited discretion when it comes to day membership etc Due process is vital in some areas of life, but it can be unnecessary and unworkable in others
  14. Oh you hypocrite. You spill abuse here and then whine when any comes your way. You made no official reports about the things you whine about here. For you to say I should is just one more example of your hypocrisy
  15. Volunteers on the protest committee were abused. If someone is going to do that then their entry should be rejected as it would be in other sports
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