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  1. Same with my diesel electric motor boat, the battery pack is currently lead acid, when the pack fails I'll be looking at lithium.. But that may require modifications to the generator to get the charging right... (or a box of tricks in between.)
  2. Keeping the epoxy at the right temperature is the main thing,, Storing it in a box with a heater inside meant for keeping home brew beer barrels warm is what I'm planning to do for the next time I have to build something.. SWMBO wasn't happy with keeping cans of epoxy in the house.... If the epoxy is warm you only need to warm the area of the boat you're working on while you're working, once it's applied and gone off, you can allow the garage / boat to cool till your next work session. Oh painting , varnishing and or epoxying the whole boat will require warmth throughout the garage.
  3. The cheapest UK Hybrid is around £19,000 ($26,000) and so is twice the price and a little smaller than the ICE car at £8000. So it's unlikely to recover it's extra costs in it's life time. Especially as I'll be retired by then and be doing much less mileage on a daily basis but still need to do the long distance. In all likely hood I'll buy a diesel in a couple of years as a retirement present to myself. Then if another car is needed, the ban on new ICE cars from 2030 will be in place and all cars will be electric. so bringing down prices..
  4. This is the cheapest Electric car in the UK today Minimum price around £21,000 (about $29,000) range 68 miles. I need to be able to drive 450 miles in a day, I can do that with a new ICE car which is slightly bigger than the car above for £8000 (about $11,000)
  5. Me? I'm not afraid of EV's I would get one tomorrow.. IF... They could do what I want with our current charging network, They weren't 3 times the price of ICE cars and I could afford one. Hence My next car is likely to be diesel, new ICE cars are banned here from 2030, so I'll get one around 2025. Diesel will be around longer than Petrol as they aren't banning it for Lorries or boats yet.. Providing I don't break it, that car should see me out.. $7 to the US Gallon? we already pay that for Diesel... and about $6.5 for petrol.. My motor boat is already Diese
  6. Well I went down to the sailing club to see the start of the Tri icycle race, and didn't see it. 48 entries which is very good, from an" OK dinghy " being the smallest up to a 40 foot broads sailing cruiser the biggest. The wind being in an awkward direction they moved the start two or three miles down river. I did chat to a Ex RAF warrant officer, who was that rank when I joined up. He taught me to sail over 40 years ago, he must be around 90 now and still active... Boat work.. not a lot, problems with the steering gear, it's harder to turn one way that the other. S
  7. Me.. There uncontrolled exocet missles behind me, AKA tourist hire boats, who could do anything.. and boats manouvering to take my wind... one of the reasons I am interested in making Blue Moon go very high to windward..
  8. I've got a hazard light.... but only use it on the rescue boat.. (it gives the hire boats some clue as not to get in our way..) I could put a flasher in the port and starboard lights to give the tourists what I'm doing next... All sailing boats show the white reversing light at the back at night even if they're going forward... if you haven't read the rest of the long thread, I'm sat facing forward in the helms seat, therefore can't see what the other boats are doing behind me... or at least I hope they're behind me..
  9. Used to drink Alcohol Free Heineken with lemon out in Saudi a very refreshing drink.. Alcohol free beers got banned in one Arabic country because they supposedly rebrewed themselves to have alcohol.. I'll bet the did with little help from yeast.. . Though I generally made my own cider.. Funnily enough, cartons of fruit juice including grape, sugar and yeast .. All arranged in a row in some supermarkets out there... Being diabetic, it's zero cal fruit squash for me on a hot day these days..
  10. Well, I had a long weekend off, but that didn't mean more time on the boat.. Sadly we've reached the age where friends start dropping off their perch.. The Black suit will be worn increasingly often.. This time a friend of SWMBO, the lady who died's Husband died last year, and her son is seriously ill and was accompanied to the funeral by two nurses.. So over the weekend. Drilled holes through cockpit sides, for jib sheets, and jib furler lines,then sanded and painted. Might require more painting. Also drilled sanded and painted holes to mount rear view mirrors. Rigged steering
  11. Grass roots generally means leading up to something "better" so I'd agree with Bill5. Although there are club members who don't compete but can take part in or use any facilities and events. Non racing , is a pastime that doesn't normally lead to anything else. Also with grass roots I'd say my club is a perfect example. The club is entirely voluntary manned, no paid staff, no non sailing related facilities. No commercial bar, but we have a bar when we have social occasions. We have our accredited sailing school, again volunteer manned. We've run sailing trips for a school for the di
  12. My irreverent take on RYA training courses, certificates are awarded on completion Dinghy Level one, "Start Sailing" this is a dinghy Dinghy Level two, "basic skills", you have control of a dinghy.... Dinghy Level Three, "better sailing" you can be trusted in a dinghy. Dinghy "seamanship skills" getting adventurous. Dinghy "day sailing" getting adventurous without support of a rescue boat. All include increasing physical aspects of sailing and the navigation regs / RRS as you go up the levels. Of the single handers mentioned, if my back was
  13. Cheap Casio Radio controlled watch, the club uses a radio controlled closed clock, no need to mess around with timers. When the strap breaks it can join all the others keeping the fish awake with my morning alarm clock.. PS still have the habit of removing all watches and jewelry at work, courtesy of spending most of my life working on high voltage high current equipment.
  14. Large open waters then.. Like the FF15, the Yeoman keel boat would also possibly suit, it will require recovery from the water on a trailer behind a car. But it is sailed like a big dinghy except for sailing the keel round a tack, not crash tacking dinghy like. There is a fleet of Yeoman across on Lough Erne, but I'm not sure if there are any your side NI. We looked at holding the UK nationals for the Yeoman at Lough Erne, but the ferry costs plus hotel bills just made it uneconomic for most people.. A Yeoman can be sailed and raced single handed in good weather, but generall
  15. Next year I might be able to compete in this in my own boat, But this year.. Start time around 10:00 Horning, To a buoy Between the Dyke to Eastwoods and Acle Bridge. To a buoy Between Womack Dyke and Potter Heigham Bridge, And return to Horning, In light weather the start is often moved down to Horning waterworks.. Races are shortened to finish, with time to be lowed back to Horning before before sunset.
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