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  1. While I am not defending Prince Andrews actions that MAY OR MAY NOT have happened, I am pointing out the law, and your accusations of paedophila are actually incorrect as no one has accused him of that. But you have in print online and that is an offence for which you could be prosecuted / sued in the UK.
  2. A Paedophile is someone who likes CHILDREN that are Prepubescent for immoral purposes. Extending that to a woman 5 to 7 years after that point, and who is quite capable of making her own decisions, is wrong what ever the age difference.. Aside form the above, Legally in the UK the age of consent is a fraction of a second, at 15 years 364 days 23 hours 59 seconds for both parties of that age, can be prosecuted for being under age. 16 years not.
  3. That is an entirely different matter to accusations of Prince Andrew being a Paedophile... and it seems from the happiness of the photo there was very little pressure, certainly from the Prince, whether Epstein was pressuring is also a separate matter..
  4. Oh I'm betting somewhere at the end there will be something I need to buy. I too have a large collection of bits and pieces off boats from the last 41 years of sailing. Very little Harken though, mostly RWO /Allen /Barton.. Most of my sailing has been days sailing very close to the coast or inland. I couldn't afford, nor did I need, the quality of Harken for that.. Thinking about it there is still one box of bit's I could do with finding, the parts aren't absolutely needed, but it would give me a better choice of things to select from.
  5. Absolutely no work done on the steering this week, with a gale running down the North Sea on Friday / Saturday, the marquee roof was taken down, put over the boat and the boat trussed up like a turkey... So into the workshop it was with the heater running.... To combat the hail, rain and generally yuk conditions.. I got the angle grinder out and cut a slot in the end of the Jib club tube, the slot was long enough for a sheave and a bolt at the end of the tube to retain the jib outhaul going over the sheave so it didn't jump off. Much trimming till it was right, I'm going to use a drem
  6. Xi ? if they'd of used that all hell would have broken loose.. because of Xi Jinping president of China..
  7. I've not personally used one, I have witnessed their use... On one tack it makes little difference to the sail setting , on the other it disrupts the sail by not allowing the mast / boom corner of the sail to go through to the other side, unless you have that corner of the sail missing as I have seen some dinghies do.. It does clear the cockpit of the vang, which makes life easier if you have a crowded cockpit and to me that's the only real reason to have a Gnav. You can use a topping lift or a boom strut if you want to hold the boom up when lowering the sail, I've gone for a toppin
  8. Dilligaf is correct the law change is to stop NGOs acting as a taxi service. Technically none of these people coming across the channel are refugees, they are already in a safe country, they are choosing to travel half way round the world for a better life that's economic migrants. They interviewed some "refugees" on TV recently, they had sold houses and cars to fund the trip. Were using mobile phones at high international rates, purely to choose where to live. Many were in no danger in their home state in the first place..
  9. Our current house is about the same size, however our previous 3 bedroom house was about 30% smaller.. the two small bed rooms were 6ft 6inches by 7ft... My dad was brought up in a, 2 up 2 down, ( 2 rooms upstairs, 2 rooms down stairs, outside toilet, no bathroom,) my grandparents , and the 5 brothers... That house in the trees for the kids built by chum, would require planning permission and comply with building regulations in the UK.
  10. The smallest true house in the UK not a mobile home. Is 10ft by just under 6 ft but of two floors, so 120square feet, there's stairs squeezed in there somewhere as well..
  11. I think Boris is more afraid of the anti vaxxers having riots... I'm betting Renta Mob is just getting ready to have a riot, even if they aren't anti vax. I think we are not having such a peak as say the Nederlands is: A, because of our high vaccination rate and B, because many of the others have self vaccinated by having caught Covid already.. Interestingly I've just been reading a series of books on WW2, This is of course before most other vaccinations came about in general use.. The books list numbers that were dying every year from what are now preventable by vaccination diseases
  12. Those who can, at my factory haven't stopped working from home, as we make equipment, that's only about 25% of staff ( design, personnel, finance). We haven't reduced restrictions, you leave your desk or in my case my lab, in which I'm the only person, you wear a mask, sanitising hands before entering any other department. Also another company the biggest employer in the city, 31,000 employees in the UK, last year announced that they expect ALL staff to spend at least 50% of their time WFH permanently.. That company has already closed down a large building they will no longer use.
  13. Several Audi's have this problem, I believe at least one model no longer has bonnet hinges, you have to unbolt that as well.. there's just a flap for oil, water , washer topping up. it's illegal to swap headlight bulbs for LED in the UK unless, you change the whole assembly for one that was built for LEDs, this includes I believe a headlight wiper.. expensive... As for the rest you can change them, so I've changed the entire set for LEDs on the Landrover 110 , no more side light full of water...
  14. if I've counted correctly, in 42 US states, Canada plus the UK what Prince Andrew may or may not have done, was legal. So unless you are going to tattoo dates of birth on foreheads with a list of ages of consent of everywhere. Then such claims as he was a peado, with a willing (to him) girl, who looks much older is wrong..
  15. So you were a pedo when you had wandering hands with a girl of 16 or 17? ps you make the accusation against Prince Andrew with no evidence other than a Photo together, with all the publicity in the press the Police and lawyers calls for for other women to come forward not one has... when normally in the they come out of the woodwork all over the place. I suspect that this is a lawyers attempt to make lots of money and the woman has been told she will too..
  16. Legally she was not under age, the age of consent in the UK is 16, she herself claims she was 17 in the UK when the event with Prince Andrew occured. So in the UK no crime was committed...
  17. Ouch.. my padded winter overalls stopped damage to me this weekend from a Bosch nano bade saw.. but wouldn't stop an angle grinder.. Medical staff were almost first on the list to be offered jabs in the first round, so they get first boosters. You don't need medicos getting covid... Finally we've got a local appointments for boosters, 11th Dec. That's the problem living in the area with the oldest population in the UK, there's a lot of people in front of us on the list, our average age here is 58 against a national average of 40...
  18. I wouldn't be paying $1000 either. Many broads boats have the two through bolts in the deck, leaving the bolts in the deck when unused. This is what I'm intending to do, though with my fixed position in the boat, I'm having to be very precise choosing the place for the mount. The broads boats don't seem to have a problem with rubbing of the paint, although you're likely to have more waves in the waters you'll be sailing in. I've not seen a fancy metal work side mount, all the traditional broads ones are solid wood ( mahogany or the like)
  19. Well I've had a complete redesign of the tiller head, a temporary version was lashed up , and it works... No more locking up I can steer easily from either control no problem. Instead of a tiller arrangement attached to the control strings there is a cross bar. Each string goes forward from the cross bar, crosses from side to side of the boat to a block, which redirects the string to the control levers. This took several hours including grovelling around on the bottom a very small boat to rearrange it all.. So next weeks task, change the temporary system to a permanent one,
  20. it would also create a lot more headroom inside, without needing a high cabin roof and less water to push than a traditional lead mine deep hull..
  21. With what happened to Epstein, I suspect Ghislaine will keep her mouth shut and the money appearing in her account will come from Mossad..
  22. That reminds me I need to make such a bracket for my boat.. Though I won't be putting metal work on the side of the boat like this one.. Just extend the arm fore and Aft so it pushes on the hull http://farm1.static.flickr.com/64/167291083_b2ca1bf091.jpg?v=0
  23. During WW2, in the UK, everyone was registered by the time they were 18. Women without children were called up, they weren't sent to the front line, but did man anti aircraft guns and the like. Most though were sent to work in factories, farms or as lumber Jill's a long way from home. Women with older children could be directed to work in local factories. Similarly men were mostly sent to the armed forces, but could find themselves down a coal mine..
  24. Never been sea sick on a dinghy or keel boat for that matter... N=However after a long regatta week of 4 to 6 one hour races per day. I wish someone would stop the sailing club island from rocking and rolling..
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