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  1. "Eventually the fat cats will either have to move to Viet Nam, or Guatemala, or pay living wages in Tulsa, and South Bend. When you can't run your sweat shop because no one can afford to work for you, you have 3 options. Raise pay and benefits. Move. OR Shut down." I agree this is exactly what will happen. The lowest most vulnerable will be unemployed the semi-skilled will receive a pay bump on the backs of the vulnerable. The fat cats will not be impacted because they moved the work or automated the work. In addition those on fixed incomes will suffer from the inflation. JJ
  2. Do you think the increased wages will put the most vulnerable out of work? Take a look at the studies. It does create some value for semi-skilled workers but it really hurts the marginalized and no skill workers. The increase in inflation quickly eats up the advantage. The CEO is not impacted at all. Jobs are automated or moved to lower wage areas to protect the margins. Basically a minimum wage sells out those on fixed incomes like seniors and the most vulnerable for the benefit of the low semi-skilled to mid wage workers. JJ
  3. What are the negatives of raising minimum wage? JJ
  4. I agree but you shouldn't have the government raising the wages with special benefits. It is not sustainable and will lead to higher unemployment with the most vulnerable. JJ
  5. WOW. Let's just start throwing insults when we disagree. Unfortunately this seems to be the new way for both political parties. We take very good care of our employees and in several locations we have multiple generations working there. Yes we raised wages and we gave retention bonuses and signing bonuses. A lot of our employees are as close as family. That doesn't change the fact that the benefits absolutely impacted the ability of companies to hire employees. I believe that was the scope of the article. No need to use "pond scum" comments. JJ
  6. True on the 4' threaded shaft that is why I welded it. But not true for some specialized bolts. By the way the machine shop quoted me $1,200 to make a new one. Since I ran a shop that welded and did heat treat it was a no brainer for me. And worse it was actually not ACME but a metric version. The boat was made in Germany. JJ
  7. I think that is a little twisted perception but it is true that Texas was a slave state. It is also true that the Democratic party was the party of those slave owners and after the revolution they were the party of the KKK. You know what today it means nothing to what the party believes today. Just like people from 150 years ago in Texas. JJ
  8. I can assure you that in the locations we employee this article is a complete falsehood. We have struggled more than any other time in my career to hire. We have raised wages on the average of 15% but still no workers applying. I have personally talked to multiple workers who flat told me they would come back to work after the benefits ran out. I even had 2 tell me if I paid them under the table they would start now. They were collecting the benefits and working under the table allowing them to bring in much more than they were before the benefits. As the benefits have stopped we are now start
  9. Just finished checking the gear. Looking forward to it. JJ
  10. So that is a good hypothesis but where are the studies to show the numbers work out? It may even be true but we can't say it is a fact without some defense beyond a good hypothesis. JJ
  11. Absolutely not I support lower emissions. Just don't call it perfect, admit it is what it is. Lower carbon not carbon free. I work in the environmental area. It is very frustrating all the political crap that is floating around. We need to keep it quantitative with real numbers. I just sold $200k of ECD's(Enclosed Combustor Device) strictly because of a upcoming New Mexico law. The ECD's are replacing a flare that is actually better for the environment than the ECDs we sold them. So we just added to the cost of oil to spend resources including expending GHG(Green House Gas) to replace a
  12. Sorry this is not possible. Again we can do lower carbon but we can not due no carbon. How do you think that wood got cut down moved to the plant and processed. All create carbon. Steel and Aluminum create huge amounts of carbon. Dacron sails generate a ton of carbon as well. Cotton sails less carbon but still carbon. Still not possible for carbon-free use either if we live with a expected standard. Want to plug in at a marina, carbon, want to run a dingy with a IC outboard or run a IC generator, carbon. Replace a canvas top ya just used created carbon again. Of course this ignores that y
  13. Ya should really visit us before you make accusations like that. Houston is the most diverse city in the USA. It wouldn't surprise me on the Arabic speakers. JJ
  14. 1) That became Biden's plan on day 1 he had all the power to change it he didn't. Quit passing the buck Biden made the decision Biden owns it. 2) Yes it is. And passing the reckless spending bills, continuing unemployment benefits, continuing quantitative easing, relieving school loan debts and handicapping the oil/gas industry all increase inflation. Biden did encouraged these things. He owns his decisions. 3) The numbers under Trump were something like 10% of what Biden drove with his leadership. As a national leader Biden's words count. So when he attacks a border patrol officer w
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