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  1. C&C Mega 30 OD. Lifting Keel somewhat fast, Trailerable and launchable from a regular launch. Sleeps 4 somewhat spartan inside. Late 70's ULDB with a 6' standing room in a small area. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/mega-30-od-cc JJ
  2. Most trailers are not strong enough for this. You must support near the center of the trailer. If placed just at the rear and at the tongue the unsupported section is too long and you can damage the trailer. JJ
  3. I think for a day sailor returning to a powered dock each night and somebody passage making without a schedule wanting a little motoring time to get into or out of a bay it would work well. For me who can motor the ICW for a day to get back to the dock so I can go to work in the morning I don't see it has a valid option. I would be running a gen-set too often for it to make sense. (I currently don't have a gen-set) Also I have read many posts on here about not running the ICE at full throttle. In my case if the ICE is running it is at about 3/4 throttle. For battery to make sense for me I need
  4. How do you handle long range motoring? JJ
  5. Not sure if it worked it kept giving me error messages when I tried the pics. I dumped them in Word and lowered the resolution but it then wouldn't let me link them separately. Can you see them? JJ
  6. In Sweden they were sold as a Runn Racer 912 I think they were built in Keil Germany. I like the way they look but I might be biased since I own one. As a ULDB they are very spartan inside. JJ
  7. They are not traditional looking that is for sure. The bubble houses the lifting mechanism for the keel and gives it 6'2" headroom. She only draws 2' with the keel up making it trailerable. Rates around 149 under PHRF so somewhat fast but at 30' and only a 8' beam it is tender. JJ
  8. C&C Mega 30. https://www.sailguide.com/batfakta/926 Somewhat fast, Cheap, 30' with standing headroom at the companion way. JJ
  9. Very disheartening but pretty common in ULDB's. My C&C Mega 30 does the same thing and a friend has a Olson 30 and he says it does it also. He has a "Beam of Destiny" installed in his Olson. It is a beam running from chain plate to chain plate there to prevent the hull from flexing inboard at the chain plates enough to visibly move the mast. It was not a factory beam but a common user modification. I would say the most likely reason you don't see them racing anymore is that technology has moved on. They were very fast boats for the time but better stiffer lighter designs have been in
  10. Your YouTube videos are great. I often wonder what hang-up those people have. JJ
  11. One thing I have found is if the radius is changing a sanding sponge can get you there. Just use your hands and eyes to make it look good. If it is a constant radius you need a form. At least I do. JJ
  12. Clear Lake Park. You do not have to have a motor to sail the channel to the Bay. The J-22's sail it motorless all the time. But right now I would only do that if you are confident. We are down to one channel under the bridge and it is narrow. In addition the wind is pretty flaky in that area. The 146 bridge ramps are gone for the bridge construction. I have never used it but in San Leon there is a ramp at Eagle Point? JJ
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