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  1. Hope you had a good dose of ivermectin.
  2. It’s amazing TFG had a full frontal lobotomy and no one noticed………perhaps it was because the instructions were in Russian?
  3. This, 666Steve, Your quote of me dated August 31 has little relevance considering the number of variants cropping up since, but then using my quote to support your view without a cite support or STFU one other question are you a wof sock?
  4. Well first the trumpets would have to learn to read and spell and that’s so yesterday Faux and OAN gives them the info they need to know. Furthermore it would just be another money loser for Trump unless they do a link up with Marvel comics. I can see it now-KAPOW-Lock her up!
  5. Well if you have jacuzzi jets in the bathtub........just don't use too much detergent, don't ask how I know.
  6. Thought the other one was the Failson, this one the MethHead……
  7. Well it worked for Adolf for a while...........makes you wonder who will be shipped to the camps.
  8. Crazy to think someone will actually see this and think " Dammit I'll get the girls over and do this" I suggest they start with something by Darwin.
  9. Forget #16 when are we gonna see TFG under oath, sweating and venting.
  10. This, she is gonna be a major problem for the bullshitters cause she don't like bullshit, and furthermore she has already expedited TFGs " lets tie this up in legal for years", Exec Privilege bullshit, roll on Nov 4th! TFG a bankrupt loser is looking better everyday.
  11. If you need a complicated method of fixing anything -I have found the French, are pretty reliable.
  12. Umm get a full blown and empty race boat and race it hard, adjourn to the more civilised vessel for after race drinks and the debrief. Or like Mari Cha, have a removable interior especially the high knock areas, we could take 7 tonnes of interior out of one French maxi- everything bolted to the alloy ring frames, throw it in a container and go race Yes, have raced all manner of really nice vessels with padded covers and Clear plastic hose duct taped over fiddles etc. The clew rings and Sparcrafts always used to find the one area that was unprotected without fail. PITA
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