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  1. I have actisense to bring seatalk NG to USB. For data use cell or the Iridium Go. Both I have tried on the boat yet. I looking for a Splashtop that doesn't net internet. Network means internet or can it be wifi within a wifi to get get info on Ipad. What is your network. Traveling router need an internet connection. How do the big small boats do it. What is Venus nav? Thanks for time.
  2. I have Expedition Marine software. I need some sort of boat router to a network in the software. I want to see my Pc on my Ipad 9.7 I tried splashtop. It worked great at home. When I turned off the internet nothing. What do people use to get the PC on your Ipad while your on your boat
  3. Yes, Splashtop worked. I was able to hook up the ipad 9.7 to my pc to view Expedition. Thanks, Pete
  4. Looking to set up my iPad Pro 9.7 remotely to windows 10 to see Expedition from the helm?
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