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  1. Well I used to own an F27 for about 21 years but moved up to an F9A (F31) which is better in all respects to the F27 !! Boat resides in Newport Beach on a mooring, its not an F27 but there are loads of F31s out here on the west coast Steve F9A Malolo (ex The Other Woman)
  2. Yes the kiwis definitely excel at boatbuilding, and as Ian proved great boat designs as well! I found an interesting article by Jeff Schionning on material choices for homebuilt boats. I guess his South Africa built Schionning Catamarans use Duracore as well. Document is attached as pdf. F9A_Material_Choices.pdf
  3. My F9A is a Gavin Hall built boat put together launched in New Zealand in '92 its built from Baltek Duracore and epoxy. I can tell you its a lot more solid, quieter, better insulated, and just looks alot better than the two piece Corsair boats with big seams running along the amas. Its had no issues with leaking, rot or any other problems. Its an old boat but its holding together well. Insuring no problem with Progressive. Maintenance is easier since its painted and not gelcoated exerior. Its a very lightweight and fast boat too! Build quality is over the top! Duracore has better curve
  4. Anyone able to make this? Is it possible to enter the N2E race without a yacht club affiliation? Some of us just sail and don't join these elite institutions, they probably wouldn't take me anyways. F9A Malolo Steve
  5. OK I owned an 89, F27 for 20 years sailed on another F28R for awhile and now own a '92 kiwi built duracore epoxy F9A with aft cabin guess its basically an ultimate cruiser with 40' fixed mast and super deluxe interior w propane, heated water shower and nice head. The wife actually likes sailing and cruising on it!! a big plus. The F27 was much easier to assemble and disassemble the F28R with Omohundro carbon mast was super easy and really fun to sail as it always felt really lose and fast. Sailed on a few F31 cruisers like mine they feel much bigger and a bit less lose and fun compa
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