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  1. I enjoy watching You Tube vids of Finn sailing, vey informative, as I sail a Europe which is similar but somewhat smaller and lighter. One thing I notice is the sails tend to always look very flat, not much depth at the foot. One question, for upwind sailing do Finn sailors cleat the mainsheet and use the traveller to adjust the angle of the boom, hence maintain leach tension?
  2. I am aware that distaste for the British is not an uncommon emotion, I am also aware that as an Englishman I am even more distasteful to some. I can't say that this bothers me much. I see no point in trying to defend this nations history, but I think most people over here are aware that not everything that was done in the past reflects well. Our attitude to the 2012 Olympic Games I think more accurately shows how we feel about ourselves now. The initial view was that we had no chance of winning the bid. Oh... we won the bid. So there is no way the the stuff will get built in time, the we
  3. The British Empire was largely the result of individuals from Britain increasing their wealth by trade and exploitation of far flung nations. As a result the power of the British parliamentary state was used to protect these interests from the local population and other competing nations. It really had nothing much to do with the Royal Family - they were / are just figureheads. The British Empire is just one example in a line of similar historic structures. Do I feel ill will towards the nation of Italy due to the rule of the Roman Empire? No. Are there things that the British nation should no
  4. Great to see Didac finish in the old Kingfisher, not far behind Pip in a equally vintage boat. I was wondering why he would remove the daggerboards other than to reduce weight? I assume they are there to serve a purpose - presumably with a canting keel having a more vertical foil or foils is necessary. Pip had a central daggerboard ahead of the keel, did Didac go to a similar set up or have no daggerboard at all? There is something rather lovely to see these old boats do multiple circumnavigations.
  5. Thing is you wouldn't want to be too slow and end up days / weeks from help if it all went wrong somewhere south. Ari has sailed a good race, I think he is the benchmark, I wonder what he spent?
  6. The length of keel above the pivot point on these systems is surprisingly short, the forces on the rams must be huge. I guess anything longer would mean weight high up which is clearly not wanted. Bigger brains than mine design these things but I wonder if the reliability v speed trade off is a bit off.
  7. Lovely to hear some words from Ellen, it would have been great to see her on one of the Vendee TV English shows. She is a total legend.
  8. This is interesting but I don't understand. With a rotating mast and a fixed gooseneck (as on my boat) the rotation of the mast follows the angle of the boom. Is your gooseneck not fixed, if so how is the mast rotated?
  9. Conrad Humphreys lashed his keel with a load of rope and managed to finish.Conrad Humphreys Official Story of the Vendée Globe 2004-5 - YouTube
  10. Some explanation re Pip's rudder about 8 mins in on this Sea Wolves - Vendee Globe 2020 report - Pip replaces rudder! Bestaven expands lead! Jules Verne! - YouTube
  11. Am I correct in understanding that the "C" shaped foils as fitted to HB were intended to retract to some degree - I assume not fully? Could different degrees of deployment be used to suit conditions? Apart from L'Occitane the remaining latest gen foilers appear to have less retractable foils and struggle to cope in heavy seas thereby requiring the boat to be powered down - too much foil in the water. It would have been interesting to see how HB would have performed against the Apivia and Linked Out in the South. It's more likely a foil design issue rather than simply - "the new boats ar
  12. Thank you, that is interesting. I guess Boris will adjust the sail trim once the boat has settled on it's new angle.
  13. Boris was worried he was going too fast presses a button and the boat slows down; I assume that's some autopilot setting adjusting the heading and sail trim? I'm just a dinghy sailor so it's beyond me, If I go too fast I fall in.
  14. For the last few days both Pip and Arnaud have been around the top of the speed and distance list. They appear to have been in decent conditions ahead of an advancing low. As ever hugely impressed with Pip, it is great that she is actually racing that boat - It may be old but it's doing what it was built for - I love this.
  15. What level of sandbagging would you go for? 1/ Slightly rubbish 2/ Very disappointing 3/ Utterly hopeless 4/ Very embarrassing - wished you hadn't bothered. You learn very little about racing the boat if your competitors are a lap ahead. I would be very surprised if INEOS were not trying very hard to be quick and competitive, unfortunately they weren't.
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