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  1. Thanks Irrational14 : Duh - I meant to type polyethylene - but I suppose I could use polyurethane, or nylon instead. Regarding the crew leaning on the lifeline : possibly not the best practice anyway, and should be discouraged I had thought to use solid tubing, and thread the dyneema down it before splicing the ends. Thread it using a pull line? Thread the pull line through the tube using a ferrosteel needle on the thread and a magnet on the outside of the tube? Short lengths of larger tube at the ends for splice covers?
  2. I have what may be a dumb question: given possible chafe & UV degradation issues with dyneema lifeline, would it be a good idea to use 3/8" (1/4" ID) polypropylene tubing as a cover over the full length? I thought it may give a better "feel" to the line, as well
  3. I replaced all my foam a couple years ago. Bought all the foam from foambymail.com, and was very pleased with their prices/service & quality. Their website is a great technical resource for how to size the foam based on existing cover dimensions. I used their HD36 foam, but my mattresses are 5" thick..... You may want to consider putting a memory foam topper on your mattress
  4. Thanks Jules - looks like we are talking different products. Your grating looks great! Thanks GM Dreade - I'll follow up on that supplier.
  5. Thanks for the response Jules Are we talking the same thing? I'm asking about this stuff, which they don't sell in gallons.
  6. I see that the price of Cetol is now more than $50/qt. I also see that Totalboat do their own version, at $35/qt Has anyone tried the the Totalboat finish? How does it compare to Cetol?
  7. I don't know where Americans got this idea that British/Irish people eat corned beef & potatoes. To most Brits, corned beef comes in a square can - Fray Bentos brand, preferably. It goes into sandwiches, or corned beef hash. I was born & raised in Liverpool, which has a big Irish community, and I never saw a St Patrick's Day celebration until I emigrated to USA....
  8. Galveston Bay, near Kemah. Kinda surprised me, what with the pollution. I swear I hear them coughing a they surfaced!
  9. I use plastic, watertight Harbor freight ammobox-style containers to store tools - one for wrenches etc, one for electrical tools, one for epoxy resins, one for spare impellers/extractor For power tools I use Black & Decker Matrix system - one cordless motor/handle, plus several attachments - drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, multitool - kept in a waterproof briefcase style . Works for me
  10. One thing I've noticed in my travels around Texas: it seems compulsory that the breakfast bars in Texas hotels must feature a Texas-shaped waffle maker. I always thought it'd be funny if Florida did something similar
  11. Thanks guys. Great answers from both of you
  12. Here's what may be a dumb question. The recommend tension on a single backstay, for an initial setup, is 15%. What about for twin backstays? also 15% , or 7.5% because there are two of them?
  13. You could try Ronco plastics (ronco-plastics.com). They have a big range of tanks, and great on-line catalog with sketches & dimensions.
  14. Here's my H-R Rasmus, looking kinda cute
  15. Just had a thought: another thing that can cause high amps & no cooling is air/ moisture contamination of the refrigerant
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