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  1. Nonstop to lots of places in Europe. Nonstop to Beijing. Nonstop to lots of places in Central and South America. I don't want to go there. Ours aren't limited in destinations, it's range. I can fly nonstop to Singapore and thence many good places. But those leave from LA or SFO meaning 2 domestic airports and a transcontinental flight full of nosepeeping flight attendant attacking Americans. I think you might call it a transfer stop. But this is a populous country and the airports teem. I cannot fly to Indonesia or Fiji without going to California from my East Coast home. I am looki
  2. But you had quarantine. We did that for Wuhan evacuees and maybe a cruise ship iirc but not after the first month of covid. I think it's a Constitution thing here. EO on entry can't supercede that.
  3. I don't think we can bar entry to citizens and green card holders or their families. Not sure exactly why but none of the entry restrictions ever have applied to same. Hence ineffective.
  4. Exactly. My point was spending time in multiple airports teeming with nosepeepers then being on a plane with them. Mel just expressed wonder I was not near an "international airport." Yeah I am but the nonstop flights are to places I don't want to go.
  5. Yeah, see that's the problem with OOOTT "journalist" pieces. Reminds me of Brother Love's Travelin' Medicine Show or something. Then I am reminded of the Great Philanthropist's political contributions and other distasteful realities.
  6. Yeah, they actually climbed the mountain.
  7. What's 47 years or even more if he's a multibillionaire? Sugar even sweeter, condos, citizenships and careers even better.
  8. @TheDragon be careful! Safe travels.
  9. Word in Malibu was, so was LE, lol. [Scurrilous gossip font]
  10. Why even treat children with medicines of any sort? Those all have side effects and the kids can't give informed consent. Better to rely on natural hardiness. Will be good for the gene pool, too. [Sarcasm font] Also, if we stopped trying to persuade the vaccine scared and freedumbs to get vaxxed and instead started the appearance of restricting access to vaccines, maybe they would demand their rights to have theirs. [ sarcasm but probably some would]
  11. I can't tell if he's in love with RC, with LE, on the perk wagon, or all of these. Waiting for Larry to blow his socks off...quite an image.
  12. I cannot fly nonstop to Fiji or Indonesia or even Australia. Have to fly to West coast US first. Or for Sydney, Dallas.
  13. All the people in my Radiation Oncology waiting areas were vaccinated. Clear proof. Also 10 years ago my hair was not so gray. I got vaccinated and it is gray. Clear proof. 10 years ago, the great philanthropist LE had the Americas Cup in his bedroom. Then I got vaccinated and now GD has it somewhere. Clear proof.
  14. If I were younger I would be more sanguine. I am at an age where my remaining vigorous adventure travel years are being consumed by covid not liveaboard trips.
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