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  1. @warbirdI'm so sorry for your loss and for your mother's suffering.
  2. Well now apparently we're supposed to put our masks on as good little vaxxed people. That way we can all frown at the unmasked and know who's not vaxxed and thank them for misunderstanding self-interest as we key their cars in the parking lot.
  3. I meant the personnel and talking heads, actually.
  4. My ultrasound guided needle biopsy I was wide awake with lidocaine and a probably endoscopic needle grabber device I pointedly did not look at. Looked at the samples, though. That has to have cost more than a mash and flash. I mean, I bought into all that false positive, slow growing ductal, no need to treat stuff. Until much to my surprise in 18 months...tah-dah! Meet my little friend..
  5. The old school US America's Cup elite clique is not part of the solution.
  6. Here's some nuances https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/breast/pdf/breast-cancer-screening-guidelines-508.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwj0xN_PpYTyAhVlkGoFHVLyASoQFjABegQIERAG&usg=AOvVaw01cre7N8fzkla9zZ0vGIpC You're right it's not Medicare or even my insurer. It's the American Cancer Society. Over 75, you're toast.
  7. Uh huh. So did NYYC boot them or do they not want to be part of a challenge that includes Canfield and Buckley ( what else S+S has remains obscure). A dog of a B1, a busted up B2 and a design of questionable winningness, great assets in NZ. Can they pay rent?
  8. I went to a doctor today. 15th floor. Got on elevator with 2 people. Ended up with 8 on board kept jamming in, holding door. 5 old farts like me probably vaccinated, most in kn95 masks. 3 under 30 in flimsy gaping surgical masks, Same going down. Kept stopping. Should have gotten off. Should have walked stairs. Showered when home. This is how we keep it going.
  9. It's an exercise bulimic more scared of fat than covid. Take with grain of Splenda.
  10. In the US, "guidelines" for mammography say that older women( eg over 55) don't need yearly mammograms. This is a cost-benefit calculation by Medicare and insurance companies, endorsed by some but not all medical associations. Not surprisingly radiologists say yearly. I thought "right, you greedy bloodsuckers" and went along with it. By chance, I decided to get a mash and flash 6 months early because my primary care wanted me to get a DEXA scan and I figured get it all done in one fell swoop. Turns out that was amazingly good karma. Consider carefully, tell your female family
  11. Stings a bit to see the petard you've crafted doesn't it? E X T E R N A L I T Y I'll check back in a few days to see what you've come up with.
  12. Some people get their teeth cleaned a couple of times a year. At least once? Some people get flu shots annually figuring why not and I get 10% off my next supermarket shop (I load up on spices and detergent and expensive stuff then). Some people get tetanus shots before they step on a rusty nail. Actually now it's TDAP but oh well. Some people go for a mash and flash yearly. A very good idea as it turns out. So a booster? Not much drama in that.
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