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  1. Said no REAL academic ever, at least in countries without vicars.
  2. Did the Australians get vaccinated? Slingsby posted a sad goodbye to his dog, so I think he's on his way or there. They had some covid around, but Bermuda will be a shock for them too. Also are the AUS and NZ teams staying overseas or trying to get quarantine slots and go home in between? I think it's hard for regular people to leave znd return.
  3. Wasn't there supposed to have been a "pre season training camp" in Bermuda? If they had done that, everyone would be there already and have sailed before lockdown. Looks like sailors still arriving at end of week. A couple of days isn't much of a camp even without covid.
  4. I think they have to be "on the team" and do "practice racing and racing" so since there seem to be more than 5 "sailing team members" on the teams now...you are right could be a loophole on regatta day you can drive an F50 through, lol.
  5. Straya until they boot one for the female?
  6. Does the concept of "doing business as" escape some here?
  7. Sorry @Sea warrior I am sure the former guy cares about you. His handling of 2020 shows his devotion to at least one person.
  8. Her Majesty's Christmas speech this year was more meaningful to me than anything the former guy ever said
  9. So they seem to have new foils and rudders, mention materials but not shape, maybe working on that pesky cavitation? Have to see out of water photos. They have 5 crew positions. So a woman will presumably be replacing one of the non-grinding males/ from SailGP website: NEW FOR SEASON 2: Revolutionary modular wingsail system allowing them to range from 18-24 meters New wingsail tech enables boats to compete in wider range of weather Vital weight savings provides additional performance gains Foils constructed with higher modulus ca
  10. "And Britain didn't invent slavery, far from it but was one of the drivers that eventually brought about the end of the practice" Well, Britan brought it to their New World colony in 1619, thanks a NOT. Didn't have to establish an agricultural system that featured tobacco, rice. and indigo for which use of European indentured servants were thought to be uneconomical. U.S. Slavery: Timeline, Figures & Abolition - HISTORY
  11. So are they having 5 crew positions or 6 for the racing? If 5, a woman has to helm, flight control, or wing trim. Or is there one fewer grinder and some new role? Has anyone read their verbiage and figured out what the crew positions are for racing, not development or practice?
  12. If Ineos can't build the fastest boat then no harm keeping good ol' Ben.
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