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  1. I read it as the drift calculation put him back in the general vicinity. The AIS signal would be on the plotter but at some point you need to get eyes on what you're looking for - and a light in an otherwise dark seascape would stand out to the human eye - and make it much easier to judge your manoeuvre to that spot. I'm sure we've all had passages that are easier to do at night because lighthouses/buoyage can be easier to identify from a distance than in daylight . I've had novice sailors really nervous about doing a practice MOB exercise in the dark - until they realise that with a light
  2. I woke up this morning and my first action was to check as to whether KE had been rescued. Then my alarm kicked in with a BBC news broadcast - I was astonished to hear a headline that a sailor had been rescued after his boat had sunk. I was genuinely impressed that it was being covered. Then the story came on - it wasn't KE, it was the guy in Florida who was rescued from his motorboat's bow which didn't really have quite the same drama. The Guardian did pick the KE story up at lunchtime - their first coverage of this VG.
  3. On one of his videos, pre-fix, he said he hadn't actually showered yet unlike some of the other videos showing both laundry and showers underway. Suspect there's a rotation policy - wear the uber-clean one when doing a video before switching back to a muckier one and it should last a bit longer.
  4. I think that's an exaggeration. We see them at their screens because there are limited places to sit aboard and it tends to be at their nav station. Yes, they'll spent a few hours per day checking weather and routing but there will be exception alerts when set parameters are hit. In some ways, this is just 'if I ease that line and check my boat speed' on a far bigger/faster scale. I'm sure they all take some time in the day to wonder at the world around them, even if it's only the first-timers who post pictures/videos of those moments. Unless, of course, all hell is breaking loose at wh
  5. I think it would be very amusing if Slats and VDH conspired to highlight the farce by agreeing to meet up and sail across the line together. Not least since I’m reasonably sure that GGR don’t have capability to organise a photo finish
  6. I think I recall something about crossing a certain line of latitude, then ducking back under it for the length of the penalty but only being allowed to recross within 40nm of the original crossing? So he could make up some of the 300 eastward miles potentially. Is there actually a prize for getting back first other than escaping the circus? VDH has the victory in my eyes regardless of the line result. Would find it amusing if Slats did catch up enough to pass and then sailed alongside to finish together.
  7. There’s a comment on the GGR page that he’s stopping in Adelaide and then carrying on as Chichester.
  8. The GGR commentary on VDH says this Presumably if he can fix it without requiring external parts, then he shouldn't need to drop to Chichester? Or is Don saying that, regardless, he'll move if he goes to Valparaiso? He's so far ahead. He could go, fix the mast and still be first around the Horn! I predict a Peche - that he'll just drop out entirely; he doesn't need to sail around in 'Chichester'. It's a real shame. The other thing on that page which struck me as bizarre with this from Istvan What - seriously? You set out around the world having never flown your spinn
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