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  1. The discussion of the Golden Globe race here doesn't seem to be based on what actually happened: Are Wiig: rolled and dismasted while hove to. Susie Goodall: pitchpoled and dismasted while using a series drogue. Gregor McGuckin: rolled and dismasted while trailing warps in cross seas. Abhilash Tomy: rolled and dismasted while lying ahull. It is not obvious that any kind of "keel tripping" occurred. One factor that seems to come up a lot is a breaking wave from 90 degrees to the prevailing direction. I am doubtful that any passive strategy can
  2. This is an odd way to look at things. If you ignore the other boats that were rolled then the Rustler's seem less safe?? 3 Rustlers have made it past Cape Horn, when the others get that far we can compare their safety record. Or another way to look at it: McGuckin, Tomy, and Slats were all in the same storm and only the Rustler survived. Susie got through the storm that dismasted Loic. So right now the Rustlers have a much better "miles travelled before dismasting" compared to Biscay 36, OE 32, Nicholson 32, and Suhaili replica.
  3. I'm not sure why the focus is on the Rustler 36 when it is only 1 out of the 5 dismasted. The Suhaili replica was rolled, so there is no evidence that it is better.
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