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  1. Howdy all you 9.1 lovers out there. This year is the 75th Annual PCYC Snow Flurries Regatta at Port Clinton Yacht Club. As the number of active 9.1s are dwindling, I'm reminded the last time we had a one design event was the 2013 Bayview One Design Regatta with 7 boats. Before we all fade off into the old warhorse sunset, let's get the boats together for one last bash on Lake Erie! I've been informed by the organizers if we can get 4 boats minimum they will give us our own start and class. This event will also be hosting J/24 – District 12 Championship, and they are actively trying to bri
  2. Something completely different to think about is this... What is the original color of the gelcoat? A dark blue hull will be hot, make no mistakes about. There is a side effect of this heat on the underlying gelcoat, and that is that a dark color applied over the top of a light colored gelcoat will often cause re-cure of the gelcoat when the additional heat is applied. Not that it can't be done, just that special consideration should be given at the prep phase of a job like this.
  3. You found a dry S2 9.1? Nice!
  4. Take a trip down to your local Amazon (or hardware store).... WD-40 300059 Specialist Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 10 OZ [6-Pack]: Industrial Lubricants: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
  5. As an S2 9.1 owner I can say this with certainty. DO NOT fly a storm sail from your babystay. The babystay on this boat is specifically used to control mast bend upwind while racing. It's way too far aft to fly a sail from.
  6. Try Hodges Marine. I just ordered a bracket for my Racemaster from them this spring.
  7. Chicken shit move in my opinion... Regardless of your grievances with RC, sending out an email like this, especially from the top of the mast is 100% disrespectful. Have the fucking balls to talk about and handle the situation in person, PROTEST the RC the official way, or shut the fuck up. If I was a VOLUNTEER on RC and a full voting member of the club, I would be at the very next board meeting making a motion to censure the Commodore. Now with that being said, RC has the same responsibility to follow the rules and procedures as the racers do. This is why the old "Naaa....It
  8. Here on Lake Erie... Mills Trophy Race: 2021 Invitational Mills Trophy Race on Yacht Scoring Cleveland Race Week One Design: 2021 Cleveland Race Week Cleveland Race Week Offshore: 2021 Cleveland Race Week I-LYA Bay Week Regatta: 2021 I-LYA Bayweek Regatta & Formula Wave Class Nationals Sandusky Islands Race / Leukemia Cup Regatta: 2021 Sandusky Islands Race & Leukemia Cup Also notable and still happening 2021 Interlake Nationals I-LYA Opti Championship Fall One Design Regatta/Thistle District Championship More info at: Sandusky Sailing
  9. How many conversations have we had around why the sport of sailing is declining?
  10. The Retro boat videos were great. Find a way to keep them going PLEASE! I bought a cheap boat and I'm fixing it up. Just wondering if it would have cost less if I had some arm candy helping me and posted it all up on youtube while begging for money from Patreon?
  11. This cloth is so fatigued that any repair would just cause a hard hinge point around the repair, as the repair cloth will be SIGNIFICANTLY stiffer than the old cloth. In a short while you'll be right back where you started or worse. For what it would cost to repair this, I'd rather see you look on the web for a used sail. Depending on size and condition you may be able to find a sail that fits your boat for a couple hundred dollars.
  12. We have 3 at SSC now. I talked to Paul this weekend and I'm trying to get all you guys rounded up for a one design / level 132 start at the PCYC Snow Flurries this year. Get it on your calendars!
  13. Any chance I could talk you into making some full resolution scans?
  14. Yea, Since I first started this thread a lot of things have gotten in the way. I still have building an updated website for the boat, hopefully things will settle down enough to where I have the bandwidth for it.
  15. I certainly hope things can get back to normal as we get closer to the 2021 sailing season here on Lake Erie. We're a weekend warrior only program and we don't race in weekly club races. So with events like Cleveland Race Week, ILYA, & the Mills Race cancelled last year we really had to scramble to get races in. We managed to find smaller local events rather then the more regional stuff. My goal was simply to keep the team sailing! I will say I am pretty happy with our results for the season despite all things. With that being said, I'm not mad about the outcome! 2020 - 8 Regattas
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