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  1. The owner observed this bulb on the bigger cargo vessels and got this idea to rebuild it on his sailboat to make it faster. It’s always about speed! 1 week with epoxy later… tataaa. Next planned modifications: - a bridge at the aft with steering wheels outside the vessel for improved perspective in regatta tactics and docking - square sails for more sail area This owner… an unknown genius ;-)
  2. Aaaaarrrgg I can‘t tell how sick I am from all this profit driven suckers. Honestly those guys do not understand how serve customers, how to be positive noticed. They decide to fail fast! Fortunately I not live in the USA. But if so, I just wouldn’t pay. I just wouldn’t give one Minute to NBC. Either I decide to watch an event sponsored by brands and see their names all over the place (already the case wit the AC), or it‘s free of sponsoring but then I have to pay. But if both is happening I am out. Dear profit tigers, eat your money and suffocate on it. If you pay, you accept their
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