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  1. No halyard restrainer. That's next step if problems recur.
  2. Catalina 27, Hood 705 furler. Need about a foot additional length to get swivel high enough on foil. Add it at the tack or head? And why? Leaning towards head. Quick and dirty length & function check, tied double braid at tack but maybe this raises CE enough to cause more heel? Planning to splice something of Amsteel for more permanent use, so any tips there be welcome also.
  3. Update: holding the outer body much closer to the cut end of the wire was the ticket, thanks for the suggestion. This kept the strands squeezed between the crown ring and outer body, then just had to sort the pairs into the notches in the crown ring. Took a bit of finesse but worked well.
  4. Can't get the outer wire strand pairs to go in the notches in the crown ring. Either they won't go, or the cone slides too far onto the inner wire core. Seems like I need 4 hands with tiny fingers to do it. Tips?
  5. Board up probably halfway. Will try loosening vang a bit and bringing board up a bit more next time. Heel to windward, gotcha. More practice! Can't wait!
  6. Any tips? Took her out for the first time tonight. Capsized once, didn't ease or hike enough in a gust. Way more fun than a Sunfish! First boat I've sailed with a vang. Vang is for flattening the sail off the wind, correct? End of boom was uncomfortably close to the water when rolling a bit with vang on, what am doing wrong? Rolling too much, vang on too far? What do I do with the vang when gybing?
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