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  1. https://www.theoceanrace.com/en/news/12627_The-Ocean-Race-Europe-will-promote-international-sport-the-Green-Deal-and-European-spirit.html The ocean race Europe, scheduled to start late spring 2021. Imoca minimum crew limit reduced to 4 (including at least one female) or 5 (with at least 4 females).
  2. For the base settings maybe, but since it can be adjusted offshore, my bets are on screws or hydraulic ram to set the position of the top bearing. Edit: hydraulic ram must be with hand pump since it can't be power assisted by rule
  3. They have a quite refined software aswell (mathematic model of the boat dynamic, her interaction with wave, wind etc). Madintec also advertises to have a quite sofisticated signal treatment to cancel noises on wind sensor and inertial sensor. They also provide on shore data analysis to fine tune the model...
  4. I don't know if luck is the only thing to blame to be honest. There are some thing you can do to remove some unknown factor from the equation. Loosing the mast inside Brest Harbour or discovering that your new rudders stall over 30kt 20 hours after the start of your TJV attempt is not bad luck...
  5. Maybe they will do proper testing that time...
  6. The energical cost should also be considered... If the number of active surface is tripled, so is the consumption (roughly) of the auto pilot. Given that the class is moving towards the objectif of limiting/banning the use of fossile fuel, I don't think that an active control of the lifting surface is a thing that we will see...
  7. According to Desjoyeaux, they just kept the global shape of the hull (the deck aswell, I suppose). Bulkheads are announced to be different. The lamination process from Mer Agitée could also be different so the final weight will differ. For the french understanding members, I strongly advise you to listen the podcast from tip&shaft with Michel Desjoyeaux (3 hour long discussion !), it's fascinating!
  8. I don't think so, the central hull is clearly longer than the imoca. The picture is shot with a wide angle lens so it's a bit misleading. In fact, ultimboat on Facebook claims it's the old race for water.
  9. Nice look on the MOD70 hanging from the ceiling. I wonder if it would fit in my living room...
  10. I am pretty sure that the technical regulation will evolve in favor of Gitana if her Jules Verne campaign is successful. A race without the fastest competitor is pointless when your class is called Ultim'. The image of the fastest boats around the globe is too important. Maybe a rule concerning power supply and energy management will appear...
  11. IMOCA class published, on 27/11/2019, Class rule 2021 that includes specific rules for a crewed IMOCA measurement certificate. https://www.imoca.org/en/imoca/official-documents Specific rules for CMC (crewed measurement certificate) aim mainly security equipment (liferaft, lifeline, desal sizing, etc...). One funny fact, a toilet become mandatory ! Interestingly, a minimum weight for the keel bulb is now specified (2450 kg). I suppose that rule imposes a minimum static righting moment in case of a foil breakage. There is also a whole appendix concerning material limi
  12. Only the keel fin, the keel pin and the ram assembly are OD. Keel fins are supplied by AMPM. The RAM assembly is supplied by Hydroem. https://ampm-meca.fr/ http://hydroem.fr/ You can find all the infos on the class rule. (there is a quite thorough chapter concerning the design rule of the keel attachement vs grounging load etc... starting at page 33) https://www.imoca.org/en/imoca/official-documents
  13. True (cf: press conference from april 2019), not enough fact checking. Winter 2020 is dedicated to RTW record, solo or crewed.
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