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  1. On 8/2/2020 at 10:45 AM, NZK said:

    Some of this video looks sped-up to me? At this point in the TOR saga 11th Hour would have been better off snapping up one of Gabart's Ultimes....


    As for AT being able to manage fatigue - some of the latest pictures show him looking pretty lean, it made me think he's might be putting more of an effort into endurance training? Or he was just back from his solo passage and hadn't refuelled yet...

    Yep, that feels sped-up to me aswell

  2. 12 minutes ago, JonRowe said:

    The reversible one was the one I thought was spare, didn't realise he hadn't got both new foils yet... Pretty major repair if it means redesign this close to the Vendee!

    The custom boxes seem to be typically embedded Linux systems, I know the Exocet boxes the Ultimes use for data capture, stress/strain alarms are, you can fairly easily (if you are an OEM manufacturer) get an "off the shelf" package with GPI/O and adapt to your needs as an OEM device, if its all solid state and in an IP68 case it's good enough these days. You've got a bunch of choices CPU wise from high power but usually better performing X86 system on chip, or Linux works well on ARM these days giving you lower power for reasonable punch and then theres the custom GPU style chips NVidia etc are putting out which would be fantastic for any AI modelling they use.

    They have a quite refined software aswell (mathematic model of the boat dynamic, her interaction with wave, wind etc). Madintec also advertises to have a quite sofisticated signal treatment to cancel noises on wind sensor and inertial sensor. They also provide on shore data analysis to fine tune the model... 

  3. 8 hours ago, JL92S said:

    I can’t see Spindrift making it round, they don’t have enough luck. It’s strange because it should be the most reliable boat. Bigger platform operating without the stresses and gremlins of a foil system, basically just a giant MOD70

    I don't know if luck is the only thing to blame to be honest. There are some thing you can do to remove some unknown factor from the equation. Loosing the mast inside Brest Harbour or discovering that your new rudders stall over 30kt 20 hours after the start of your TJV attempt is not bad luck... 

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  4. 52 minutes ago, jb5 said:


    Spindrift into Multiplast for work.  JV attempt number ### coming up?

    Concerning the JV attempts this winter it seems Morgan Lagravière is on the crew for Gitana.

    Credit Multiplast

    Maybe they will do proper testing that time... 

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  5. The energical cost should also be considered... If the number of active surface is tripled, so is the consumption (roughly) of the auto pilot. Given that the class is moving towards the objectif of limiting/banning the use of fossile fuel, I don't think that an active control of the lifting surface is a thing that we will see... 

  6. 5 hours ago, Sailbydate said:

    Is this a sister ship to ARKEA PAPREC, JB, or a variation from JuanK? Do you know much about the design?

    I think Michel Desjoyeaux was the build and campaign manager also, so you'd expect the positive spin from that camp, right?

    According to Desjoyeaux, they just kept the global shape of the hull (the deck aswell, I suppose). Bulkheads are announced to be different. The lamination process from Mer Agitée could also be different so the final weight will differ. For the french understanding members, I strongly advise you to listen the podcast from tip&shaft with Michel Desjoyeaux (3 hour long discussion !), it's fascinating! 

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  7. 17 hours ago, jb5 said:

    Beam looks off for a MOD70, too narrow,  Possibly and more likely a Multi 50.  The same boat is in some pictures of the Advens refit (the other ama).  Clearly a shared refit shed facility.

    There are a couple of MOD70s in France from what I've read that are up for sale.  Spindrift has been for sale for years and Race for Water also for a while but less than Spindrift.  Both are unlikely to be in refit mode.

    I don't think so, the central hull is clearly longer than the imoca. The picture is shot with a wide angle lens so it's a bit misleading. In fact, ultimboat on Facebook claims it's the old race for water. 

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  8. On 2/4/2020 at 12:03 AM, jb5 said:

    Kojiro Shiraishi with DMG MORI Global One is also lining up for both the Transat CIC and the NY Vendee. First races for this new boat. 


    Nice look on the MOD70 hanging from the ceiling. I wonder if it would fit in my living room... 

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  9. I am pretty sure that the technical regulation will evolve in favor of Gitana if her Jules Verne campaign is successful. A race without the fastest competitor is pointless when your class is called Ultim'. The image of the fastest boats around the globe is too important. Maybe a rule concerning power supply and energy management will appear... 

  10. IMOCA class published, on 27/11/2019, Class rule 2021 that includes specific rules for a crewed IMOCA measurement certificate.


    Specific rules for CMC (crewed measurement certificate) aim mainly security equipment (liferaft, lifeline, desal sizing, etc...). One funny fact, a toilet become mandatory !

    Interestingly, a minimum weight for the keel bulb is now specified (2450 kg). I suppose that rule imposes a minimum static righting moment in case of a foil breakage.


    There is also a whole appendix concerning material limitation, construction method and finishing products specific to CMC but I can't tell if there are major differences with the solo version.


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  11. 9 hours ago, Essex said:

    So where does one source an imoca keel assembly at short notice ? 

    Are they supplied or do you just fabricate your own to OD spec ??

    Only the keel fin, the keel pin and the ram assembly are OD. Keel fins are supplied by AMPM. The RAM assembly is supplied by Hydroem.




    You can find all the infos on the class rule. (there is a quite thorough chapter concerning the design rule of the keel attachement vs grounging load etc... starting at page 33)




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  12. 3 minutes ago, jb5 said:

    So I'm guessing 'for sale' ads next but I wonder who, if anyone, will ever buy it now.  Sad, it is a great boat but now very quickly becoming out dated and of course not 32/23 class compliant.  Hopefully Gitana will try for the record next year. 

    Luckily for them, 32/23 class RTW race during 2020/2021 winter could start from mediterranean coast (said the speaker at the arrival of Gitana) so they should have an other "peacefull" try next year.

  13. 1 hour ago, yl75 said:

    I wonder how many miles they did since they changed the ama rudders, clearly not enough, but could they have done much more ? 

    The boat is ready, so is the crew they said ! No need to train and test the machine.

    I think rudder stall is typically something you can detect and solve beforehand !

  14. http://www.spindrift-racing.com/news/major-rudder-problem-spindrift-2-forced-abandon

    At 20h UTC, Yann Guichard, Spindrift 2’s skipper, made the decision to turn around and end the current Jules Verne Trophy record attempt.
    A difficult decision following a sudden loss of control, which required the intervention of two sailors at the wheel to recover the situation. This malfunction has damaged the steering system which makes the boat unsafe to be sailed in heavy weather conditions. All the crew members are safe and sound. Nevertheless, the multihull’s condition does not allow it to continue its world record attempt. The trimaran is currently returning to la Trinité-sur-Mer in Brittany, France. More information will be provided as it becomes available.
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