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  1. They dismasted in front of camaret, quite far from the line indeed.
  2. Let's hope this one is the good one. It could be the last opportunity with that boat.
  3. Their project doesn't include much communication. They don't participate in major offshore event. Therefore they keep the image of the wealthy owner that bought a (very) big boat, racing for their own interest without sharing much. Add a few unfortunate event that could be related to amateurism (VOR Lorient 2012 and dismasting just leaving Brest harbor) and you have the perfect combo ! I believe if they win the Jules Verne, they would finally get respect from the offshore scene To compare, Gitana while being also very wealthy, has a totally different reputation.
  4. I wouldn't be worried about the sails, Escoffier said few days ago those are delivery sails, probably well worn out. On the other hand, not having the equipment to climb in the mast alone is quite a thing...
  5. There is no spare for sure and the mold might even be used by BP for their number XI. I don't think that one would be of great use:
  6. You could at least design rudders to break at the end of the shaft and not between the two bearings to avoid hull damage and the loss of the end of the AMA. I believe Maserati tried something with kick-up rudder and textile fuse, without much success. For them, rudder failure seems to be a common problem.
  7. Let's compare what is comparable ! VO70 had a tendency to self-destruct even without hitting something and VO65 are truck built to be lead with a full crew on deck !(12t VS 8-9t of displacement)
  8. 1m2 at 600m, that's impressive! The collective approach with shared database is also clever.
  9. Well, it would give you around 16 seconds to react. That could be enough if you are not asleep and not too far from the helm. But for Tris' at 40 knots, it's only 10 seconds... By the way, what is the autonomy for a drone and a thermal cam flying at such speed ? Retreiving those toys is such a pain that I hope I wouldn't have to do it too often...
  10. Surprisingly, no word about gitana's pit stop on the TJV media feed. I suppose "Ultim" is still a banned word...
  11. Three days ago. They left Brest on Tuesday, the 5th
  12. The cockpit from Sodebo certainly feels wetter than Macif's one. Being closer to the front beam and to the bow of the central hull causes the spray to be more intense. The cockpit also being relatively open at the back could also cause a water ingress.
  13. Ranking update every 4 hours while hourly updated on TJV, come on ! With those speed, it's not enough!
  14. I think there are no restriction since they all have an onshore routing team
  15. Yann Elies on a new boat, sponsor to be announced. Quite a close schedule, very few development time...
  16. https://www.facebook.com/initiativescoeur/videos/708978189623681/ They actually repaired it but it then blew out again around Canary island. Since then, they had switch between their spinnaker/smaller gennaker and code zero hence their lack of speed. The blew out sail was and old sail that already did a round the world race.
  17. They're stopping for a 1 hour and a half penalty. They broke their prop shaft seal fixing their engine... "dura lex, sed lex"
  18. "Sisi" must be a reference to Empress Elisabeth of Austria, a quite important figure in Austrian history.
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