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  1. As the old saying goes… I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick
  2. My mother had 2 spices, salt and pepper. She would make those little boxes of 2 heads of garlic last for months. As poor of a cook she was her plain doughnuts cooked in lard in a cast iron pan in the fall were awesome
  3. I agree they will probably open in September but as you said it will depend on the spread of the variants that are giving problems. Currently the UK variant is present in over 60% of the cases with the Brazilian variant making its presence felt more and more. The other problem is approximately 60% of the population don’t want to be vaccinated. There are problems with the Astra Zeneca doses and getting either the Moderna or Pfizer is difficult as the waiting time is long due to supply issues.
  4. As a business owner in France (restaurant and hotel), I have to say it’s too soon. We have been closed 9 months in the last 12. And the businesses that are still open will have plenty of business this summer. We are at +/- 40,000 new cases per day. If we can contain this we don’t need lots of tourists this season as things may get worse. Please come see our beautiful country next year!!
  5. I just looked her up and here is her website www.blaireerskine.com
  6. So would I as their wit is quite acerbic. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening
  7. In normal times I would agree but Sturgeon is a tough bird who doesn’t give a shit. I, for one, would love to see her shut him down and tell him to fuck off
  8. No chance of that as Scotland going into full lockdown as of midnight tonight. No Americans will be able to fly in and the fact he has had CV 19 won’t help. Fuck him!!!
  9. FWIW, I despise Trump and his total disregard for the law, US citizens etc. He is lower than low. I read the Le Monde article and this has been under investigation by the Monagasque authorities for a year and is about his beef with his art dealer and trying to influence the Monaco judicial officials. I worked in Monaco for 10 years and this guy is a well known slime ball. As for socks, I've been a long time lurker and this response is why I don't like to post. I was even prepared to show my girlfriends tits. Go fuck yourself.
  10. Although they did business together in 2008, this has nothing to do with Trump or anything in the US.
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