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  1. I would do mine in Lightning bolts⚡️
  2. Very do able. I did it in about three week in 1996. I felt the Ha Ha would be going to fast and I wanted to travel at my pace, I'm glad we did. We checked in Ensenada, be sure to give your self enough time for that. We hooked up with another boat and ended up buddy boating down the coast, this too can be helpful. I never entered a Port, bay or anchorage after dark. That said we spent maybe three nights at sea. Your chart guides are your friend, use them heavily. One of the nights we were underway was off Sacramento reef, I chose to be approximately twenty, twenty five miles off shore l
  3. https://youtu.be/_AFekx6dHWg Some New England sea shanties, schooner fare of Maine
  4. Has anyone here used awlcraft LP, then put a final coat of clear awlcraft over the top? I'm hope for a deeper look to the finish on the hull and help prevent oxidation.
  5. Rich also has a number of trouble shooting you tubes, that he will have you watch to help you with the problem. They are good to watch just to understand your system or even just the basic reefer trouble shooting for most refrigeration systems. He is good with helping you avoid getting a reefer tec, that often do not understand the system. I resently went through this as my compressor would not load up. After talking it out, I changed the module, is it is working great. This unit is on a liveaboard so it runs constantly, good for another 12 years.
  6. When I was young and looking at schools and trying to figure out what to do. I talk to a number of people in different parts of the industry. One person told me the difference between owning your own boat and working on others will be in the path you choose. If you chose to work on recreational boat you will not be able to own one. I choose to work commercial and have owned my own boats most of life and cruised and plan on continue on doing so. Choose wisely.
  7. I had a Newport 41s with a tall rig, sailed great even overloaded. Sail like a big proformance dingy. Sailed her on the coconut milk run. It did well, but lacked accommodations for additional crew on crossings. My wife cried when we sold her and picked up the new to us Kaufman 47, which we have had for almost 19 years.
  8. Bob, I know it is a boat design website. But there is one of your signature missing. No guitars anywhere?
  9. I had dutchmans on the Newport 41, with 2 control lines. I had the system rigged to a pulley system on toppling lift that would lower so the cover did not need to be changed, the control lines came out the aft end of the sail cover. I sailed that system on two different mains for many years including the coconut milk run. I have a much larger main that would require 3 control lines and came with lazy jacks on Kaufman, they work well, but the dutchmans were clean. It made sailing short handed easy.
  10. Walking out the local store in the islands with a Hinano in one hand and a baguette in the other, life was good.
  11. We log similar to bplipschitz, but as we sail short handed with only one person on watch. I have the watch log info every half hour. This gives you a position to start from if you your crew goes overboard, as well as good info to DR and see currents, etc.
  12. All of the the Kaufmans' were custom. Mine was always a sloop rigged. I also have never seen another one with opening ports in the side of the cabin. I do like the mid boom sheeting for a cruising boat. I seen it done across the cockpit bridge but it would be in way of dogger/ Bimini.
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