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  1. Your Mom will make back those spots when they reach the ice cap. The rankings are a bit skewed. Northern boats will likely lose speed and not have as fresh of a breeze as the more southern boats. I picked the middle road.
  2. They sure aren't giving them away.
  3. On port its slightly higher. Just trying to figure out if we just need to reset the entire tune all together. Mast rake, etc....
  4. We've been having some issues with our Tacking angle north of 105 degrees total upwind. We're sailing with a 134 Genoa most of the time in under 10 knots of breeze. We're looking for any tips or tricks on how to improve this. Its likely our rig tune that has out out of wack. Thoughts, comments, heckling?
  5. Quick photo update. We ended up going with Baltoplate. We'll be tagging with graphics soon. We're real excited to get her back in the water soon. Thanks for all the input.
  6. Thanks for this reply. We were leaning Black Widow. I don't mind the color. Its all about speed and durability. We have the ability to spray it on as well with our automotive spray booth. As far as taking down the E-paint. I was wondering why our eyes were burning. Luckily our shop has a hooded respirator. Who's chopping onions?
  7. Do you have a go-to cleaning ritual? Looking for a submersible scrubber for a quick pre-race cleaning.
  8. We sail Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. It is a mix of fresh and salt. Mostly fresh, especially when the spillway is open. In the summer the water is very warm.
  9. We are having to re-do our bottom on our J80 due to a massive breakdown in our e-paint. I attached a photo of it below to show how rough it is. It is like that below the waterline. Sanding it is a huge labor job and takes it down to the gel coat. We're back to square one with re-doing the entire bottom. We are trying to decide between Baltoplate racing finish and Black Widow. Does anybody have any experience or recommendations for either?
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