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  1. well, fed interest rate increases will decrease demand, which wlil then likely cause anything from a mild to moderate recession
  2. The federal income tax stimulus payments (eg. the $1200, etc checks) are not taxable, they were structured intentionally to be advance payments of refundable income tax credits. Nobody is paying any income taxes related to those stimulus checks think of the stimulus payments as the IRS letting you claim a $1,200 refundable credit on your income tax return, but instead of waiting until everyone files their taxes, they just sent out the checks right away, and if necessary, people can "true - up" the amount of credit at tax reutrn time
  3. At least a few finishers went Blackaller > Red Rock > TI. the key was getting around red rock before the wind shut down around 1pm
  4. Can you screw a lifting bolt onto one of the keelbolts? That's how I drysailed my wilderness 21. There are a number of them that are dry sailed in the bay area
  5. You say "upgrade" as if windows has actually significantly changed or improved in say 20 years
  6. Ok, any tips on removing this sheave? It seems to be essentially fused in - I suppose drilling it out is an option. It does spin somewhat so I may just live with it for a while and kick the can down the road
  7. Just to add here, Brickyard cove is under new ownership now (now called "Boardwalk Port Marina") and they opened up a number of additional 30' spots. As of a few weeks ago they still had dry sail spots available, so I would give them a call if you're interested. Of course they jacked up the price to $200 a month now... Richmond in general is one of the most active parts of the bay in terms of racing. RYC being one of the most active clubs. It also has the plus side of being much closer to the bay itself. I have sailed out of Alameda and it sure is nice if you're interested in doing W
  8. I just redid my outhaul, wondering what to do about the sheave box. I have this stock endcap with a sheave built in, but the sheave is old and worn. Doesn't seem like replacing that sheave in the endcap would be easy ( I tried to hammer out the pin, it's fused solid). I doubt it's been touched since the 80s. I am thinking about doing away with the endcap and bolting on a sheave box (something like the below). Since it's at the end of the boom I could actually get solid bolts on it pretty easily. Any issues with this plan? It seems I would be sacrificing some strength / stiffness at the e
  9. What kind of line is best for a backstay adjuster on a 24ft sport boat. I'm assuming the lowest stretch possible is best, or does it really matter?
  10. I actually saw that guy and it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I mean surely eventually we would (even if it takes 2 million deaths, which IMO is a pretty insane estimate). We never had a vaccine for the 1918, 1957, 1968, or 2009 pandemics. In fact, are there any pandemics that have ever ended with a vaccine? I'm not saying it's the correct approach, but to say that it is literally impossible to achieve herd immunity seems pretty ludicrous. The obviously has a lot to gain financially t w respect to vaccine's and imo that's enough of a bias to throw out everything he said,
  11. are you indicating you would wear a mask while driving around alone (or with family) with the windows rolled down? Of course everyone has a different risk tolerance but this seems a bit extreme. My understanding is that you need not only exposure but also a duration of exposure long enough (like over 10-15 minutes minutes of very close direct contact) to get enough virus in your system to be infected. Biggest risk is things like parties, family gatherings, etc. Even grocery stores are extremely low risk since generally you're only in there for a fairly brief period (although it's a high
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