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  1. Good point. I was just noticing that the mixed offshore event is gone from the NorCal portion of the US Open Regatta.
  2. Does anyone know if there's still energy being put into getting the Mixed Offshore sailing event added to the Olympics in 2028?
  3. An RM or Pogo would fit your description nicely. If you're in Europe you might actually even be able to find one on the used market.
  4. You had my interest, now you have my attention. Looks like the next evolution of the Pogo 30 (same NA right?) which means there's already a 4 year wait list.
  5. I see you've decided to switch to twin rudders instead of that expensive looking cassette. Do they kick up to prevent damage?
  6. Looks like a scow bow and great green-water protection. Should be a fairly dry boat to sail. Color me intrigued.
  7. My mistake. I stand by my earlier statement though. The J/70 really shines in one-design, but has some deficiencies in a mixed fleet environment; chiefly the limited sail inventory. I'd love to see a J/70 with a reaching kite though, that sounds really interesting.
  8. Building your own boat is a non-trivial affair. Good luck. Instead of naysaying I'll recommend working with a naval architect/engineer.
  9. If your dream is to sail by yourself then buy your own boat. If your dream is to build a racing program then yes, necessarily you will have to charter it out. You're projecting a lot of assumptions just to be a naysayer, very on brand for SA.
  10. The L30 recently introduced a deep-keel version that's CE Cat A that draws 2.2 m and with a slightly heavier bulb. I had ruled out the L30 because it was only Cat B, but now it's back on the menu after having addressed most of Paolo's concerns.
  11. I mean, some people have done it. But why? I've raced J/70's for a few years now, we've raced a lot of double-handed and long distance races as well as many, many windward/lewards; it's miserable sailing in 25+ knots, and slow in breeze under 10. We pretty routinely get beaten in correction by Santa Cruz 27's and, sigh, Moore 24's. It's a great boat for what it's designed for, but it's designed for sailing vmg angles. If you're really looking for a boat to take offshore, find something with either a genoa, or a code 0.
  12. I would not take a J70 offshore, but I sail in SF, so offshore in a 23 foot open cockpit sailboat sounds a lot like certain death.
  13. Oh yea, no doubt, this kind of program is commonplace in Europe. (https://www.speedsailing.de/, https://www.fastdownwind.com/, https://www.offshoreracingcharter.gr/) But for some reason this business model is inconceivable in the USA.
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