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  1. My mistake. I stand by my earlier statement though. The J/70 really shines in one-design, but has some deficiencies in a mixed fleet environment; chiefly the limited sail inventory. I'd love to see a J/70 with a reaching kite though, that sounds really interesting.
  2. Building your own boat is a non-trivial affair. Good luck. Instead of naysaying I'll recommend working with a naval architect/engineer.
  3. If your dream is to sail by yourself then buy your own boat. If your dream is to build a racing program then yes, necessarily you will have to charter it out. You're projecting a lot of assumptions just to be a naysayer, very on brand for SA.
  4. The L30 recently introduced a deep-keel version that's CE Cat A that draws 2.2 m and with a slightly heavier bulb. I had ruled out the L30 because it was only Cat B, but now it's back on the menu after having addressed most of Paolo's concerns.
  5. I mean, some people have done it. But why? I've raced J/70's for a few years now, we've raced a lot of double-handed and long distance races as well as many, many windward/lewards; it's miserable sailing in 25+ knots, and slow in breeze under 10. We pretty routinely get beaten in correction by Santa Cruz 27's and, sigh, Moore 24's. It's a great boat for what it's designed for, but it's designed for sailing vmg angles. If you're really looking for a boat to take offshore, find something with either a genoa, or a code 0.
  6. I would not take a J70 offshore, but I sail in SF, so offshore in a 23 foot open cockpit sailboat sounds a lot like certain death.
  7. Oh yea, no doubt, this kind of program is commonplace in Europe. (https://www.speedsailing.de/, https://www.fastdownwind.com/, https://www.offshoreracingcharter.gr/) But for some reason this business model is inconceivable in the USA.
  8. That's totally fair, and I've priced out a Dehler 30, L30, Farr X2, Pogo 30, Sun Fast 3300, and probably a couple more I'm forgetting now for delivery to the SF Bay; after transportation, all of the go-fast kit, port-of-Oakland fees, commissioning, and the full North Sails 3Di package they're all just shy of $300K. If I were to put the boat into a charter program, say J-World/Blue Element, I could possibly recoup a decent portion of the loan, but there's no guarantee. If there were an active class where the boat were chartered out at least once a week (preferably more) through college or high
  9. Right? I feel like the original article totally missed the point that there are ALREADY some great 30 foot OD boats in the neighborhood of their stated price range (see the Dehler 30 OD above, the L30, or Farr X2).
  10. I love the idea, but I don't like their boundary conditions. I was thinking a Class 30 should be something bigger and faster than a Mini 6.5, but significantly easier to handle and afford than a Class 40. The boats should be designed for double or singlehanded offshore racing, and designed to keep the costs for a competitive campaign under, I dunno, let's say $300K UDS (about 1/3 of a Class 40). From the article it sounds more like they're trying to invent some new universal club boat that's designed to a price point. Go nuts, but don't call it a Class 30. Class Mini = Single hand
  11. I am a mechanical engineer, I have built components for the Large Hadron Collider, hyperspectral telescopes cataloging the cosmic web, industrial automation equipment for some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, and currently build hardware for a $5B biotechnology company, and I can say, with absolute certainty, in my professional opinion, the mast looks broken.
  12. See if someone else has a similar enough boat here? http://jieter.github.io/orc-data/site/?#FRA/FRA13300
  13. The Neel tris are also fugly, but they keep winning ARC races, so cruising tris aren't a fundamentally flawed concept.
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