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  1. Doesn't fix Covid though, but lots of people take it anyway. Molnupiravir will fit right in, Tylenol might help with the side effects.
  2. One of them was incompetent and didn't read the instruction book.
  3. Harder endpoints didn't differ significantly between the groups; 2.3% of the fluvoxamine group died compared with 3.3% of the placebo group, but that difference, while encouraging, is consistent with a chance finding Indeed, the success of the drug was driven primarily by the fact that fewer fluvoxamine patients had a prolonged stay in the ED. The difference in hospitalization full stop was not as profound. Also, I feel obliged to remind everyone that fluvoxamine is not an entirely benign drug. Like all SSRIs, side effects include gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, and sexual dy
  4. You are wrong, how do I get that through to you? I quoted a direct answer to a direct question to the rescue coordination centre here, who are the receivers of the alert. They will respond, phone call or not, to any alert in their area. They don't respond to US area alerts, they don't respond to Philippine area alerts, how those areas respond is up to them apparently. None of them are coming to your MOB AIS. Even then you seem to be talking shit, this is from the US coastguard: "Search and rescue personnel begin responding immediately to every activation of a distress beac
  5. Not in this part of the world. They will attempt to confirm its validity but will go ahead any way. If you set off you MOB AIS 100 miles off the coast around here, good luck to you, the flashing lights might entertain you for a while but not much else is going to happen. From the RCCNZ “In relation to response times RCCNZ will respond to any beacon within our area of responsibility, regardless of its country of origin, once we have the beacon alert. "All beacon responses plans should be commenced within ten minutes of receiving the initial alert." Another valid point t
  6. Well said Mike, AIS and electronic flares wouldn't have saved them. I believe NZ is a well served for search and rescue, I would not rely on AIS Beacon around here, not enough boats around. I would expect a pretty quick response around most of the coast to a PLB distress signal, probably much better than the chance of a boat being nearby picking up an AIS signal and responding to it. They work for land SAR too. I sail the coast around here quite a bit, often solo, often no other boats in sight for long periods, I don't have AIS either so I won't be responding to any call for he
  7. AIS MOB good for not much when your boat sinks and there is no one else around. It all depends on your circumstances, PLB for safety Regs makes sense, it always works. AIS in race sailing instructions. If you sail in crowded waters AIS is probably better, assuming people have their AIS radio on. AIS is best for MOB. If you need outside assistance PLB all the way.
  8. That's not a PLB as far as the safety regs are concerned, you need satellite 406 model, they are VHF only, they won't initiate a search and rescue operation.
  9. PLB / EPIRB don't show up on chart plotters, just like flares
  10. I don't think traffic safety training works retrospectively.
  11. Worse than Covid by the looks of it. Should traffic be Banned? Children aged 0-15 killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents (from 2013-15 to 2018-20) for England Period Road deaths and serious injuries, children aged 0-15 Children England Minimum for All English regions Mean for All English regions Maximum for All English regions 2013-15 1,746 109 194 303 2014-16 1,768
  12. You still pumping Molnupiravir, smells like another remdesivir to me.
  13. They selected the participants, should have had plenty die but they didn't. More studies are underway. Same approach as merck by the looks of it.
  14. Google the drug, there are some good commentary on it. Its Russian so not likely to be promoted by cnn anytime soon. Worth keeping an eye on though. Can't buy shares in this one. Just a coincidence that merck has something almost as promising getting pushed now?
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