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  1. He was issued a visa, is that too hard a concept for you to understand? A judge ruled he should be let in, is that not enough rule interpretation for you to understand?
  2. Cruise ships to shift people between countries, seems to ring a bell, wasn't that how it all started in OZ? Short memories these experts.
  3. What was his solution to all the problems that came from stopping all the planes?
  4. I didn't ask for safer, I want easier. Bit pointless making safety rules that stop people going racing when your meant to be promoting the sport and building participation, don't you think? Especially when more participation means more income, they really haven't thought this through have they?
  5. Can anyone in AS please explain why every action they take seems to make it harder to go yacht racing in Australia? At least can they point to what they have done to make it easier to go yacht racing, if I'm mistaken?
  6. How the hell are you going to get permission for that to happen, we got "quick get a booster in case you need it"
  7. Pretty hard to use electronic gizmos before they were invented. Got any other genius insights?
  8. So the flashing light attached to the MOB lifejacket, the strobe on the floating danbuoy and the light on the floating horseshoe, all get drowned out by a bright light in the sky fired by someone who may or may not be anywhere near the MOB. That sounds really helpful. Lots of stories of people rescued after being located by their PLB or EPIRB, not so many from flares. Lots of stories of people setting off flares and getting no response.
  9. Looks more like they shouldn't have got on in the first place.
  10. On Monday Bali Hai‘s captain told the International Emergency Response Coordination Center that the boat’s engines had lost power and he was concerned about staying aboard in rough weather and high seas. One day's sail, in a sailboat, from shore. No aircon so set off the ebirb. Hope his insurance company told him to fuck off.
  11. 12mm Double braid Polyester for Reefing Lines would be more appropriate if they fit, maybe for second reef at least, but you probably use the first one more. They obviously get used, chafe through in a gale is the last thing you need. The 12mm halyard seems overkill, dyneema core poly cover 10mm would be enough, depends how much you want to spend, the loads not that great.
  12. Some pretty good takeaways from this Doco, its old, but pretty impressive given the equipment of the day. https://youtu.be/Aa7KxGtUlAA More offshore orientated but No.1 : You need an EPIRB or you die. This has been proven again twice recently off NZ. No.2 / 3 : I was impressed with the smoke flares visibility in daylight but a means of communication - handheld VHF seemed to be the next most useful thing. Flares, Liferaft seemed secondary to survival in this instance. Near shore, I reckon its harder to attract attention than you might think. Cellphone is probably m
  13. I thought you would like it a bit better than new, that's when all the problems started isn't it? Fit for purpose springs to mind, Are they going to put that in their sales brochures now?
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