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  1. You wont find anything easier to sail than this. Halyard, mainsheet, choker, reef lines. That's it.
  2. I would love to see the Mac65. I always thought it was a cool boat. Also: Soverel 33 C&C 35MKIII (arguably the last TRUE racer/cruiser) Mumm 36 1D35 (hydraulic forestay and no backstay was super cool in its time) Henderson 30 Farr 40 with that ridiculously large wheel.
  3. One thing they need to work on to make it truly mobile is the power requirements. It seems that the dish takes around 100 watts of power. "Reducing power use and latency Noting that the Starlink dish uses about 100 watts of power, one user asked if that will be reduced to allow more usage scenarios that require portable power supplies, such as on a sailboat. Power reduction is "a key item we are focusing on for the future," the Starlink team said."
  4. Mumm 36 would be a awesome one too. I used to race on one in high school when they were the hot shit boats. Those boats probably turned more masts into flagpoles than any other design.
  5. Now that's a hat I could get under.
  6. Here some good information from an RV site. It looks as if the service is limited to your house right now, and the dish takes a fair bit of power (100 watts) but hopefully this all improves. It would be a game charger to move the dish between the boat, RV and house. https://camperreport.com/starlink-internet/
  7. "With botany, I can’t afford an expensive plant, but I can take a clipping and grow it on my own.” Orchids? Bonsais?
  8. The are pretty boats with great interiors and seem to sail well. Some of the Jackett designed C&C's had delamination problems in the epoxy hull. Its fairly well documented on the internet. We had a 99 at our club have a structural delamination failure and the insurance company totaled it. I believe it was aft of the keel The guy only owned it for a year, but never had a survey done before he bought it.
  9. There was an 1987 Holby Tripp 37 for sale for 29k on Lake Ontario for years. I don't think it ever sold.
  10. Over the summer I was wearing a Mount Gay hat at a local art festival. As I was walking down the street some old woman walked past me, turned around and yelled "fucking asshole!" This leads me to two conclusions: 1. She recently caught her husband with the bow girl at our local regatta rum tent or 2. Donald Trump ruined red hats for all of us
  11. 10 days of racing in Youngstown, lets hope for great weather and open borders! Reposted from the regatta chairman: Join us in Youngstown for a 10 day sailing extravaganza! Time spent with friends is always well spent! In July, 1971 I jumped onto my Grandfather’s C&C 35 mk1, and set off for my first LYRA. It was in Toronto, at the Island Yacht Club. I was barely 13. I think that, my father Skip was proud; I
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