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  1. For anyone following this thread... I just got confirmation from the manufacturer that the medical syringe that I used to add the accelerator (in the 2nd coat) does, in fact, contain a silicone lubricant. I believe that I have my smoking gun. Hard to believe that a minuscule amount of silicone can screw up a whole batch of paint. Also learned from a coatings engineer that adding accelerator to the second (and not first coat) could have caused and issue with solvent entrapment... something about amine reaction and polymer chains...etc. etc. So let my hard lesson be a warning to others
  2. Yes there is a moisture separator/regulator on the compressor and also an inline dryer (desiccant) and inline water trap. I'm thinking that the medical syringe introduced a contaminate, possibly silicone. I will work on the recovery tonight and hopefully get back to spraying later in the week.
  3. I used a disposable medical syringe (without needle) to add the accelerator since it was only a few milliliters... I assumed it was sterile, but I am learning that sometimes the barrels are lubricated with silicone. I am thinking that I may have introduced the contaminate when adding the accelerator. I will definitely check the wrapper my next trip to the shop to ensure. So I guess my next steps are cleaning/solvent washing the painted areas followed by wet sanding until smooth with 320 or 400? Alcatraz are you saying the etch primer may be necessary even after aggressive cleaning an
  4. After spending several months of grinding, sanding and prepping my deck for paint, I finally got to spray topcoat (first time using Alexseal). The first coat went down beautifully, waited about 90 minutes and sprayed second coat... hundreds of tiny fisheyes immediately popped out! AHHH!!! The boat is in a heated shop, about 65F and was cleaned and tacked meticulously before the first coat. Relatively certain there was no surface contamination especially since the first coat laid down so nicely. Also re-inspected the test panel that was used to check spray pattern and it also showed fishe
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