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  1. Sounds like some sort of tortured whale song.
  2. Might be slightly less wet on the IMOCA , though I'd imagine the motion would take some getting used to. Below decks would be sonorous on either I'd imagine.
  3. Now the first of the IMOCAs are around the corner, they are really starting to stretch their legs.
  4. VG website indicates that they are in talks with French Navy to evacuate Kevin somewhere near Kerguelen Islands. Either that or NZ.
  5. Apologies lydia, my mistake. Thanks SCANAS. That's pretty curious. So an IRC cert is regional? Or is it a local measurer thing? Or a recently noted anomaly? Best of luck to JPK Pacific, I hope they do well.
  6. It was a crack at AS/CYCA cat1 ORC stability requirement for Hobart race, the 10.80 has already competed. A non-issue in this case.
  7. Good luck. I reckon it'll be another trip around one of the Molles again today for the little ones.
  8. On one of the TS, we carved through the Div 2 fleet made it around grassy first, just not enough breeze to pop up on the plane downwind, handicap ended up killing us, but that's PHS.
  9. Laying it on a little thick. Not the morality police at all. Just keep the politics and bullshit to the SE corner.
  10. Brutal. That kite run was fucking slow to the bottom mark. I didn't see you guys, get in close or out a bit wider?
  11. They were back at it again today, much the same. The delivery wasn't great and to be honest it was pretty deserving of a 69.
  12. I hear latex paints adhere alright, pick a flamboyant colour and grin at the absurdity every time you visit the boat.
  13. Well, looks like QCYC have gone down the Virtual race route.
  14. I am most excited by the prospect of having my sail numbers printed in comic-sans.
  15. Press release yesterday indicates otherwise. Shame, but the right call, was keen for my first this year. 2020-03-18-Press-Release-Brisbane-to-Gladstone-Yacht-Race-1.pdf
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