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  1. Don't point fingers at me if I am wrong but my gut feel is that Burlings and Tukes reign in the 49er Class will come to an end this year. Germans Eric Heil/Thomas Plößel very nearly beat Burling/Tuke in their own backyard in Auckland in 2019 at the 49er World Championships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/49er_%26_49er_FX_World_Championships
  2. Yeah, this is definitly one to keep. Everything he's ever said regarding SailGP turned out to be DEAD WRONG but that one was one thing of a beauty!
  3. Ben Ainslie won "4 Consecutive Gold Medals", a Record that will almost certainly never be eclipsed in Olympic Sailing EVER! That Record will stand for the Ages just like Rafa Nadal winning Roland Garros 13 Times or Novak Djokovic winning in Melbourne 9 Times.
  4. To be perfectly honest with you I would prefer a little bit more wind in Aarhus! USA, Spain & Japan looking good in the light stuff. I think the Brits and the Aussies + possibly the New Zealanders would be preferring more wind. Going to be interesting how the young Spanish Driver Jordi Xammar handles the F50. He is supposed to replace Phil Robertson at the Helm of the Spanish Team in Denmark.
  5. @smackdaddy Agreed! I was on the edge of my Seat during that Final. I feel for Spithill though. The Aussies gave them the Opening they need by messing up their gybe on the 1st Run but the USA Team couldn't captalize on it. You don't get those Chances very often since Slingsby doesn't have a habit making mistakes very often. You have to take it from him if you want to win. I am very impressed how far the French have become this Season. The next Venue Aarhus is an interesting one. Looking at the geographical location of Aarhus we could either have similar conditions to Taranto & Pl
  6. Can they keep this up? That's a big Question to me! Also, can Tom Slingsby finally beat Ben Ainslie in an Event H2H when they both compete? Some interesting storys as we head to Aarhus next month! Numbers do not lie: When Ben is driving the Brits have gone 2 - 0 over Slingsby, when he has not they haven't even made the Final.
  7. @smackdaddy The British SailGP Team did some "Damage Control" on the 2nd Day finishing 4th Overall in Plymouth which makes them TIED with Winners AUS on the Overall Season Leaderboard with 22 Points. Not a bad Place to be in with Ben coming back in Aarhus next month. 3 Points clear of arch-rivals Spithill & Outerridge and 5 Points ahead of Burling.
  8. My mistake: AUS & GBR sit only one Point clear of France on the Season Leaderboard BUT 3 Points clear of USA & JPN and 5 Points clear over NZL. I don't think France will be a Championship Contender. 5 Teams are real Contenders: AUS, GBR, USA, JPN and NZL!
  9. Massive Comeback by the British Sail GP Team to finish 4th Overall in Plymouth which has huge consequences on the Overall Season Championship. Yeah, the Aussies won (good for them) but AUS and GBR now top the Season Championship with 22 Points and sit 3 Points clear over the rest of the pack!
  10. It was too harsh but with @accnickconsistenly defending that LOUSY Umpire anything could happen!
  11. But he was never the Head Umpire! Richard Slater was the Main Umpire for AC35 & AC36!
  12. This is the new Head Umpire for SailGP in Season 2. What a tremendous CLOWN! He has never done Sailing in his whole life and gets to make these "inconsistent" Decision. That guy needs to be fired ASAP!!!
  13. You are wrong! SailGP has a new Umpire for Season 2. They had Richard Slater for Season 1 but he is gone. Now they have a nobody as Umpire!
  14. These new Umpires are so "Inconsistent" in their Rulings it's a joke tbh! The Brits were already penalised during the Race. Why put even more Penalties on them!
  15. The Great Britain SailGP Team picked up two Penalty Points and therefore got relegated to last place with only 8 Points. For what?
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