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  1. Who knows? But you are quite right. The New Zealand SailGP Event could be in Question yet again after the Governments strong stand against the Omicron Variant.
  2. I don't dispute his credentials as single handed sailor. He was great there no doubt about it. As for AC34 in SF I think it was a combination that 1) the Boat was going faster and 2) The 3-Person Afterguard of Spithill/Ainslie/Slingsby was obviously far better than the 2-Person Brain Trust of Barker/Davies. Since then his AC Involvement (Land Rover & ITUK) has been an utter failure. And you can't blame everything just on the Design. Sure, the Boats weren't fast enough but Ben has shown he lacks Leadership Skills IMO!
  3. @smackdaddy Since there will be a lot of Announcements regarding SailGP's Season 3 over the coming months I've already created a Thread for the 3rd Season. I hope you don't mind or are angry at me!
  4. Calendar https://sailgp.com/news/21/first-eight-cities-unveiled-expanded-season-3/ https://sailgp.com/news/22/new-venues-expanding-fleet-grand-final-sailgp-biggest-year/ TWO NEW TEAMS
  5. Nonsense otherwise they wouldn't have staged one of the biggest Comebacks in Sports! It was pure Teamwork from OTUSA back in 2013. Ben will fail again in 2024. I wonder who is going to be blamed after that defeat. Toto Wolff, Mercedes, James Allison, who knows?
  6. Naming his 1st AC Team Land Rover "Ben Ainslie Racing" showed to everyone how much an egomatic Ben really is. It's all about HIM, HIM, HIM. Very different to someone like Larry Ellison, Russell Coutts and Jimmy Spithill. Their Philosophies are Team First. They will always put the Team 1st and themselves 2nd. Haven't seen that from Ben since 2014.
  7. Ben never takes resposibility inside a Team when things go wrong. Look at Land Rover BAR, look at INEOS TEAM UK and look at the GBR SailGP Team. All failed because of his big EGO!
  8. Because I can't wait for Bens excuses how he is performing so badly. He always blames lack of Results to somebody else instead of taking responsibility for himself.
  9. @smackdaddy New Episode "Racing On The Edge" coming up on Monday 19.00 CET/1pm ET
  10. Finally, an Episode about Ben Ainslie!
  11. IMO AC37 should be postponed a year or two to make sure Countries can recoved from the high Inflation Rates accross the world.
  12. So, all this talk by Ehman about someone else besides Dunphy stepping up to help fund the Kiwi Home Defence Project was just noise. Nothing thus far.
  13. Here is what Novak Djokovic said in August 2020 prior to Tennis resuming (Courtesy of an NYTimes Article) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/20/sports/tennis/djokovic-us-open.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article Probably one of the Articles for Mr Hawke to come to the conclusion to cancel his Visa. Djokovic said his own experience with the coronavirus had not altered his views on vaccines. He has said that he would have a difficult decision to make if receiving a coronavirus vaccine became mandatory to compete on the tennis circuit. “I see that the inte
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