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  1. That's why I expect some scratchy racing if this thing does indeed go off on April 24th. With everything bascially new it might negate somewhat the Advantage the Brits, Aussies and Japanese had in 2019/2020.
  2. @Mambo Kings Mercedes definitly helped INEOS TEAM UK turn their dismal Christmas Regatta around. Nick Holroyd is a CLOWN and should immediatedly summit his Resignation because he created that "Dog of a Boat".
  3. Ken Read is STUPID - Period! Without the help of Mercedes ITUK would not have made the Prada Cup Final, that's a fact!
  4. I hope Russell pulls the plug on Bermuda. It's too dangerous. Team haven't had enough time on the water with these new Systems. Expect a lot of carnarge if this goes ahead!
  5. No, SailGP JPN, SailGP ESP and SailGP GBR are missing. They probably reveal their Roster on Thursday. Right now the Event is a little bit in limbo.
  6. All of the NZL SailGP Members are vaccinated! That's not the Point! You do not let the entire NZL SailGP Team come over to Bermuda where they have COVID if you can't stage the Event. I am sure Pete Burling, Blair Tuke & their Team would rather stay in Kiwiland where they have Freedom and not any Restrictions to content with. Either you let the Kiwis come over and stage the Event or you don't.
  7. @NeedAClew Russell Coutts will have to decide tomorrow whether the Event can be staged on not. The NZL SailGP Team is supposed to fly to Bermuda on Thursday. It doesn't make sense to me to let Burling & his Team travel halfway across the globe if he can't stage the Event.
  8. SAILGP Event in Bermuda facing Cancellation https://www.sailweb.co.uk/2021/04/13/sailgp-event-facing-worst-case-scenario-in-bermuda/ https://www.royalgazette.com/sailing/sport/article/20210413/sailgp-on-red-alert-over-lockdown/ All SailGP Operations at Cross Island have been suspended in compliance with the Bermudan Government Regulations. Boat 8 (SailGP NZL Team) has not been finished yet!
  9. Iain Jensen was Flight Controller only for the SailGP Event in Sydney. He wasn't even on the AC75 Boat.
  10. Ferrari linked to Luna Rossa's AC37 Challenge.
  11. C'mon, give me a break! The only Foreigner on the ITUK AC Team who was consistently on the Boat was Luke Parkinson. As far as SailGP is concerned the British SailGP Team is still a British Team. Of those 8 Team Sailors who will be on the Team for Season 2 6 of them will be Brits. The only two Teams in that League who are racing with complete Nationals are the Kiwis & the Spanish Team. Every other Team has at least one Foreigner.
  12. Well, I am cautiously optimistic Bermuda will happen but waaay more pessimistic Taranto will happen in June. Italy and especially Apulia has to get their Act together.
  13. Of Course I do! English is not my First Language so please bare with me
  14. Bermuda paid a 750,000 $ Event Fee to host the SailGP!
  15. BREAKING NEWS BERMUDA will go into a 7-Day Lockdown starting Tuesday 05.00am Local Time!
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