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  1. You provide the wind direction by rotating the map. For most dinghy and W/L racing this is enough.
  2. I have deployed last week an update on chartedsails.com/prostart - You can now choose to download your .vtk file in CSV or GPX format. No ChartedSails subscription or account required, this is free for everyone. And if you are concerned about privacy, your file never leaves your computer, it is converted in the browser. I hope this will be of service to some! cheers, thomas
  3. Hi @samc99us, Thomas, founder of ChartedSails here. I know we have had this discussion by email but for the benefit of everyone else, here is how to take measurements on ChartedSails: 1 - Click and drag on the timeline 2 - The distance (and average speed) are calculated and shown in the top left "Boat cards" There is more details on the different tools available in this blog article: https://www.chartedsails.com/blog/five-tools-to-analyze-your-sailing-sessions. best, thomas
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