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  1. Thanks for the reply. Let us know which path you choose and how it works. Cool project.
  2. Cant really tell from the pics how bad the paint is. If its mostly bad I'd be tempted to strip off all the paint, wet sand up through the grits, compound, polish and leave unpainted.
  3. Rudder looks great. Are you going with a tiller pilot or did you modify the tube so you can add an arm and a below deck AP drive?
  4. Thanks for posting. Looks like the scoop should accomplish what you wanted.
  5. ETNZ is entered in SailGP that's breaking news.
  6. Interesting approach to address anchor rollers. Thanks for posting. I am curious .... what was the thought / plans behind adding the sugar scoop?
  7. Sorry for thread drift but after seeing it I feel the need to ask. carcrash - what's the story behind the sugar scoop?
  8. Original release 50 yrs ago...Cat/Yusuf still sounds great ....
  9. Multi-million dollar high speed hydrogen burning carbon foiling catamarans for the ultra-rich are the best way to spend money to reduce worldwide demand on fossil fuels and climate change - good to know
  10. So its Covids fault that TNZ is spending money on commercial ventures designing and building hydrogen powered carbon foiling catamaran chase boats. And its Covids fault that TNZ has decided that on top of spending money on an AC campaign they need to spend extra money on a side show circus event with the AC40's. Good to know....
  11. Rubber to starboard that is impressive. Good reference about plastic prep, flame treatment and G/flex outlined here Using WEST SYSTEM G/flex to bond plastics securely (epoxycraft.com)
  12. Made me think - there is ad space on the team goggles just going to waste...
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