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  1. I went one year in a Sunfish, one year in an RS Aero, then into the Musto Skiff. As you can tell from the progression, I had not trapezed before. It took a lot of studying video and reading, and a lot of capsizes, but it's doable without personal instruction if you're dedicated. It's absolutely worth it. Just start in light winds and move up. If you have access to coaching though, that would be such a boon.
  2. I've found the Zhik T3 to be comfortable, and its size is very adjustable. The quick-release is very handy for taking a leak if you have a wetsuit with a relief flap, also. Bonus points if you can do this from a skiff without capsizing or pissing all over yourself or your crew.
  3. I would sail up to 5 hours on my RS Aero, but usually 2-3. It is comfortable as far as dinghies go, though if you are trying to squeak out performance, you'll spend more time kneeling, hiking, etc. If you just want a pleasure sail, I've about napped in the thing with the sail eased in light winds. Sailing my Musto Skiff, I usually go out 1-3 hours. There's not much sitting or kneeling, except to hoist and drop the spinnaker (or on the daggerboard because the boat's on its side ).
  4. I have recovered and relaunched an RS Aero by picking it up like this (having sailed to the opposite end of the lake from my dolly). It really does balance well gripped like that.
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