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  1. Any more details about the possible core issues? Thanks! I'd never seen one without the pod before
  2. 35ft catamaran listed for salvage with no real info or previous owners available.. The hull # seems to come up with '94 "2hulls inc" when I research it. I thought 2hulls inc were a broker, but perhaps they were associated with a builder/boatyard in the 90's or etc. Anyone able to identify the boat, builder/design/model etc, or tell any further details from these terrible low resolution photos? (no better photos available unfortunately).. Name looks something like "My Love" , "My Dove" , "My Base" or similar, perhaps. Thanks for consideration..
  3. I don't believe it is a searunner 25,
  4. Not to derail the thread too far but please share any details on this particular boat if you feel so inclined. Was it the Harris 42 that previously had electric drives? Will it be sticking around PT?
  5. I think for hauling tourists you're lookin for the wrong kinda boat. This Wharram is/was for sale in Fiji, no idea of price or any info. https://www.moanasailingfiji.com/. I can see the allure of doing it now on a smaller boat instead of waiting until you've saved more money, but if your goal is charters I'd hold out for something that can haul more people than a b33. The b33 may be a smaller boat than you realize, cramped for more than 3-4, cockpit/cabin wise, even for day trips, I'd think.
  6. I've got a Supercat 20 PROJECT boat, needing work all around- that I haven't made time to work on... already in the nw. Anyone motivated/crazy enough.... looking for a fairly cheap starting point w/decent payload at the 20ft limit, or (perhaps) even some sort or another of collaboration...feel free to send a pm.
  7. Some interesting input and a fav topic of mine so I will add my thoughts . Keeping in mind the "affordable" price range.... On the larger boat end of the spectrum Stiletto 23 and Reynolds 21 mentioned would be at the top of my list. (cabins=mainly for storage, camping on nets or shore, those bunks are coffins and although usable in a pinch, probably hard for the family to accept) Mainecat 22 and tomcat etc won't likely be found cheap. To your original question, re-beachcat...you're looking to carry a family of 4 plus gear, and while the getaway etc could do it- quite overloaded & not
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