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  1. Thanks @Dave Clark, It also looks like the metal rod that connects to the wand has punctured the top surface of the foil. Any recommendations on placing additional layers in there to stop the poking/drilling before I epoxy it? Or should I just fill the hole with more thickened epoxy? -Colin
  2. Hey All, While we are on the topic of foil repair, I noticed that the trailing edge of my front foil was starting to split apart this weekend after a couple years of fun use. Has anyone else experienced the same? Or have recommendations on how to fix it? Would a little West Systems 105 Epoxy and a clamp do the job? Thanks! -Colin
  3. Hey @aeiro, I have my UFO up on Tahoe during the Summer and in the SF Bay Area during the winter. While I can't help you with storage, I'm always excited about getting together and learning how to sail it better. I'm up near Lake Forest Boat ramp by Tahoe City. PM me if you ever want to get together. FWIW, I saw another UFO getting trailered near Incline over Memorial day. So I wonder how many there are nearby? -Colin
  4. Hey @burritoughs, Does Fulcrum have any plans for creating an online store for all the replacement parts you offer? I know I have contacted you directly for all my spares, but having a link directly on the website might help new owners! -Colin
  5. Calling all San Francisco (Bay Area) UFO Owners! Cal Sailing Club and I are planning on getting our UFO's together this Sunday (9/29) at the Berkeley Marina for a bit of fun and learning. The weather (Wind, Tides, and Temperature) looks absolutely perfect. And I'm tired of jealously watching videos of the New England and Florida folks foiling around together! So, if any of you are interested in joining, please PM me for more information. -Colin
  6. Nick, Martin, and Dave, Thank you all for the quick responses and advice! I now have lots more to concentrate on next time I get out! Thanks again, -Colin
  7. Hi All, I'm a new UFO owner and also new to foiling. I just got back from my first session where there was enough wind to actually get up on the foils. I am in the San Francisco and the wind was averaging 14 mph with gust into 20 mph. I launched out of Chrissy Field and I was contending with 3-4ft swells. I set the wand to ~1.5 feet. (What I thought was beginner mode) First thing... THAT WAS AMAZING! The moment the boat lifts out of the water is unlike anything I've experienced. I had precious few segments where the boat felt balanced and I was flying. (Never for more than 20
  8. I just heard that my new toy (#172) is boxed up and ready to head out to the SF Bay. Are there any other UFO's in the vicinity? (Or Tahoe?) -Colin
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