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  1. This thread drift keeps reminding me more and more of the vessel used in "The Guns of Navarrone" film (1961). As a kid, I wondered why the commandos didn't choose the beautiful sailing yacht for their mission, as an old fart, I wonder why the yacht was even considered, ahhh Hollywood..... Of course, the story was set in the Aegean Sea and.......
  2. And all you IOR studs were still doing bowman on the beasties!!!!
  3. OK,... Sooo, we get to the point past the bottom of Australia & New Zealand. I.ve been following these races since Autissier and Soldini, the magic carpet lies just ahead. Weather Systems line out, swells become more organized, wind patterns more predictable. Many skippers seem to aquire an almost zen like,... live in the moment, ephiphany? thru the Pacific down to the horn. Do we see the foilers live up to predicted speeds, can the wily ones like Jean Le Cam prove precient? Is more of the unpridictable still ahead? Right now, I am impressed and facinated by so many, who have accomplis
  4. Is there a really dad smell in the vincinty?... Flies or rodents??
  5. Ouch!!! Slap,= hard to figure out some of the early Columbia's. Difference between what is a Challenger &/or a Contender orContender-Challenger = hard to figure out. Point remains the same, I posted an add that showed the same hull & deck that I sailed on.
  6. I understand that this is NOT the asthetic you desire, but consider... Few trippers forward, (raised deck version), easy to handle, surprsing turn of speed, maybe a Torqueedo (remote contol?), in the well, a large cockpit that you can sit in, or lie doiwn & even sleep in, or, easily accomodate & invite 2 - 3 friends for a comfortable daysail, room for a porta potty below, (but yeah, gotta close the compainonway for some of the ladies), faiirly dry. But also, pennies on the dollar compared to a lot of the other options you are considering. Sure,... Far from ideal and you have to find o
  7. My best sailing buddy pasted away a little over a year ago...... For some reason,..... I just can't delete his # from my phone.
  8. You know you're a redneck when.........
  9. I never raced,..... But I crewed for daysails on a Morgan 54 modeled after "Rush" but with a different bottom/hull design, more like the 12 meters of the period. She had a deep keel with the trim tab aft then a "bustle" up to the end of the long part of the keel & attached rudder. BO loved to show how he could tack the boat with just the trim tab. If I'm still sane...I believe the trim tab was most effective going upwind, locked and and turned down, abit ,,,, to leeward!!!,,,, to somewhat counter any weather helm. The boa'ts name here for many years was was "Silversword". Afaik, she's in T
  10. "Deserves got nothin to do with it" Clint Eastwood, aka Wil Money in Unforgiven
  11. Bags & Bags of Rags; Do yourself a favour, if you can drop the headsail foil without too much hassle, loosen up those old hanks and raise the sails that still "look useable". You can do it while tied up on a calm day, tie off at least one sheet to the clew. Most likely it will not be long before you start to recognize a peculiar , though not necessarily offensive odor that comes along with shaking out old sails. The "past experation date"/ done sails are often obvious but not always. Take the sails that appear useable and fly them with the hanks for a bit before you convert those sail
  12. When the foils line up properly, you will know. At that point, you just hold the tiller in your hand, not grab it, but hold it like.........................................................................I'll let your mind wander, because I cannot find the proper words. It's almost better than sex. Once again the two are related; like..... "a good woman holds her man". Sir Jackie Stewart F1 champion, on how to properly grip the steering wheel.
  13. If by slog you mean a seaway, then yes, invariably a boat with a genoa, or better yet a No. 2 or a heavy No. 1 with a hollow leach will beat a boat with a blade or No.3 up. Those sails have a lower CE so you can power up more, which is what you want in a seaway. In flat water, you will sail higher and faster with a blade. That's kinda my point! Yes, it was definitly in a seaway (from Barbors Point to Waikiki, short tacking between the trash line current and the shore), wind = 15-20 with 25+ gusts. It was frustration that led me to fly the #1, but it worked!!!
  14. I experienced a sailing epiphany once upon a time, on a long upwind slog. I had a blade up with one reef in the main, my buddy sailed up from behind and passed me easily and started sailing away, my reefing system was clumsy and not well thought out, but I refused to lose and dropped the blade and instead of going to the #3 we changed to the #1, (Nothing in-between at that time). We instantly gained both height and speed, and the helm went from a hand brake to a nice two to three finger balance. Sailed past my friend and beat him back to the marina by hours. After I had passed him as I looked
  15. A lot going on here That is full hoist? Main and Working Jib? To my eye, about the correct SA for a much smaller boat,,,, Beautiful but also very tall dodger, short boom, sheeted in front of the dodger. Can you get to the travelor , easily/quickly? Vang = almost as far aft as the booms sheeting blocks. SA for the main = equivilent of 1+ reef to begin with before any shortening, kinda like a center cockpit boat. Why is the tack for the jib soooo high? And though many of us are advised to sheet in our jib leads as much as possible, in this case you may want to try going outboard and back
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