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  1. Also Elliot, Ross, Holland, and earlier Spencer, Townson, Stewart
  2. Nice win. Goes to show they are not slow, and how important the start is
  3. This is where I thought they may be headed. regal Boats have done stepped air ventilated hulls for decades. I had a 1998 LSR2100. They get very low drag at a certain speed upwards.
  4. Jokes aside, I'm super surprised LR is a distant 4th. Kinda had them as favored challenger
  5. OK so I'm both nationalities but pretty harsh considering the Kiwis pulled it off America. Twice. Who else has done that. Oh wait, no one.
  6. Having looked at the recent INEOS video, when we see it from directly in front it's impressive to see how little frontal area they have with the 'scoops'. Perhaps they really are on to some measurable low drag advantage??
  7. We have 'seen' then doing 37KN in light breezes, looks promising to say the least to piss on an F50
  8. Est 23m in 1.1 sec..37-38 KN?
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