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  1. That’s the regular narcissist smirk imo. Related to the “Dupers Delight” which is when they think they have got one over you He knows he is better than you at everything, moron
  2. Literally sounds like a nightmare I had.
  3. My assessment was a nice guy and open to learning but young and hobbled by that under 30 attitude of not wanting to admit ignorance and taking things a tad too lightly “shure it’ll be fine / I’ll work it out on the go” Drank the YouTube kool aid; big fan of La Vag. This YT sailing stuff has reached a lot of people I think and they don’t know or are in denial of the enormous gap between doing something safely and successfully versus looking at someone else do it on a screen. Plus social media shredding attention spans and conditioning people to expect instant gratification. I also ch
  4. Quotes from a wannabe RTW cruiser I talked to IRL recently, who had already owned a small cruising yacht for a few years: - What is a Bosuns Chair? - What are seacocks? - What is a chandlery? - I've never actually used the anchor - I didn't know you could reef the main or what the SL reefing system is - I don't know how to read charts yet, I just use my phone - Is the tiller supposed to go up and down with the waves? - The rigging wires are a bit slack, is that normal - I ripped the Genoa in a sudden squall Etc. Many such cases!
  5. He's just ahead of the curve. I've met people who are convinced they are going to sail around the world and make a living on Youtube who couldn't work out how to reef their main or use their anchor. (Or what their seacocks were for, or my favourite: "What's a chandlery??") After multiple years of sailboat ownership! Not old enough to know if this was the case back in the day (there was the Time magazine article in 1973 with the Westsail 32 and all), and some people do learn enough through trial and error I guess.
  6. Referring to the earlier post on previous page about the Shannon One Design boatbuilder Jimmy Furey; A legend, who only died in 2020 aged 94 and was training an apprentice and still building only a few years ago: Classic Boat - Furey & Cathie
  7. Here’s something which is the polar opposite to Doug..
  8. Filling in rusted pits in the keels removing thru hulls or replacing them with flush ones synthetic rigging install electronic gizmo to track your polars and sailcloth and come up with some arcane optimised model replace your keel with a lead pencil Get all passengers to huddle on the saloon floor underway Zonker looks strongbody and tall, nice hair too
  9. I really like keyhole bulkheads. They remind me of being in a hobbit house. tbf boats are like babies; everyone believes one’s own to be more beautiful than anyone elses i must check out his health regimen. Don’t knock it till u have tried it he should just get a diesel heater tho
  10. The internet and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
  11. Been watching this. Cool project! Will be interesting to see what happens to the keel. Reminds me a little of this project which I posted in another thread:
  12. Database technician apparently. Which I assume to mean some low level data entry role.
  13. I’d pay money to see Roger cruise a Westerly Storm or Discus in style, seriously! As would many others I think..! (The cabinetry in a Storm is already pretty nice so no need to renew it.. not true of most earlier models though..)
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