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  1. While doing this on my own (similar vintage about, 2” drains), a rusty mass came apart in my hands when I was disconnecting a hose at the cockpit end from the fitting. couldn’t figure it out for a second - then realised it was the remains of an old mild steel hose clip The through hull fittings at the waterline were also fully dezincified and as brittle as eggshells ptfe tape was basically holding the whole lot together had to replace the whole lot (with trudesign and 316 clips and new hose)
  2. Very impressive Mr Perry! as I write this I’m looking out my window at a neighbors Valiant 40. Easily the sweetest lines in the yard. Now how about designing a modest aft cockpit moderate displacement 34 foot twin keeler with a junk rig? ;-)
  3. Sam Holmes seems like a nice guy I guess. Reminds me of an acquaintance of mine. Not sure what makes his channel so interesting for people though? His channel seems a bit like those early channels and 00’s blogs where people were posting just for friends and family instead of writing letters home like in the old days. Maybe that’s the appeal for me though it’s either diy advice and inspiration (like atomvoyages) or actually good cinematography and editing, (like sea change), or some pirated reruns of jacques Cousteau no time for anything else fraid well no there is this -
  4. Never had carb problems on mine so far, but then I try to run the carb dry whenever possible.
  5. Seconded with prop. Went for an Alu for my 3.5 4-str and my speed on my 2.9m sib went from 6 to 8-9 kn depending on conditions.
  6. Ps: data is on a monthly basis on their website under “articles” section
  7. Hey, Sailing Anarchy. It’s a vis by me of freely available data from the united city yachts broker network in Canada - the figures are for all sales not just them, though they are the biggest. Very interesting data source of which graph is only a summary
  8. Some Canadian evidence for this .. will need to whip up an excel chart but apparently June sales were down 12.5% on June 2020 anecdotally around here seen a few almost reasonable sub 30 footers appear last couple of weeks Was nothing at all for sale for last several months
  9. Having only watched them for about a year, I'll have to watch their videos from the beginning now. Definitely the most appealing and down to earth couple on YT for my tastes. Surprised to hear in their most recent video that they had to put off any more voyaging for a period as they were totally broke. They have 117k subscribers as of writing and about a dozen videos with over 150k views in total (including one famous one which is 15M). Just goes to show that even with a decent Patreon etc. backend YT is no road to riches.
  10. Those two are quite wholesome. They seem to be pals with John Kretschmer. Friend of Bono has a new interview up. Apparently he has 25 years of sailing experience? Interview - “You don’t have time to be terrified” PS: Bono hate in Ireland is because he claims to be saving the world while bragging about paying no taxes on his ginormous fortune. Classic Narcissist - a big giveaway is the contemptuous smirk he evinces in portraits etc
  11. Was thinking the same .. could be they’re not as close as implied by the sun?? Also - Is it just me or are the spreader angles on the main all wrong?
  12. Here is his page: GoFundMe - Sea Symphony Noticed on FB he has promised to donate 10% to the RNLI. Hmm. Probably new engine and new sails / rigging for a 25 tonne cruising yacht? Not sure £12k will cover it ..
  13. Don’t worry it will be from a discreet distance! I’ve already got spiders on my boat, so the manger is full thank you very much!! that said the risk of roaches and other Caribbean creepy crawlies swimming ashore and invading the hallowed environs of the kinsale yacht club is very real
  14. Gotcha. Says he has to repair the sails so I guess not totally shredded. Main problem was engine failure I believe. Didn’t he know that diesels love oil like a sailor loves rum??! Will take a look at the boat tomorrow anyway. Always wanted to see a Formosa 51 in the flesh. Wonder how long she’ll be at that mooring!
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