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  1. I hope this doesn't seem disrespectful but I am genuinely excited to see in which direction Hanneke Boon takes the designs now.
  2. Yes, the aesthetics are a bit challenging at first but I am getting used to them. It isn't as if there are many good looking multis around anyway IMO.
  3. I don't really like posting here because of the toxicity of the place but I am amazed that this thread hasn't stimulated more discussion. Here is an interesting design drawing directly from experience gained in the South Pacific, well described without extreme claims and even actual performance data. I like it a lot.
  4. I do find the idea of foiling motor sailing intriguing. With the motor (be it electric or gas) able to get the boat onto the foils the rig can be sized/optimised for apparent wind sailing and freed from the need to rapidly and radically reconfigure from max power to low drag as the boat pops up and accelerates.
  5. Stephane really struggling to point. Will still finish ahead of Pip but it might be close.
  6. He's on course for 4th as long as he crosses the line before 20:34 utc today, which looks very likely (fishing boats allowing).
  7. Aren't these boats meant to be self-righting? I don't remember ever seeing one come back up on its own without the assistance of a tender?
  8. 20 years of trolling and you can't even spell his name. Isn't it a bit paranoid to assume I am Rob despite the fact that I live literally half a world away? Is it so hard to believe that people who have endured this circle jerk for 20 years may find the 'US proa freaks' so pleasantly described by Groucho the more tiresome side of the argument?
  9. Denney wasn't even on this thread before the snide remarks started in post #32. It seems rather sad if you have to goad your 'troll' into turning up.
  10. I did enjoy the exclamation of 'Oh fucking hell!' as Britannia went down the mine on leg 2 against American Magic.
  11. That is a still from the video clip. During that film the boat seems to be constantly, gently, rounding up with the aft sail sheeted in - just before the end the foresail shakes and the aft sheet is let go. In the picture with the blue sail there are boards at both ends but they seem very small and must be aimed more at trimming CLR than providing substantial leeway resistance?
  12. That is a play from the Crowhurst manual.
  13. I think it was built by Jeremie Fischer (known for 'Equilibre') in Martinique with the intention of competing in the Route du Rhum. There is an image gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/bQse540 . There is apparently another imgur gallery showing construction but it doesn't seem to be loading for me at the moment. There is a short sailing video on YouTube but the poster (Jeremie's brother, I think) has asked that it not be shared. Suffice to say that if you search for 'Unnamed Proa' you might be pleasantly rewarded. Latest status seems to be:
  14. What is the trend of movement for the St Helena high? North or South? It looks like the ice exclusion zone might prevent people picking up decent breeze to the south.
  15. I have tried to see both sides for nigh-on 20 years but these ugly mob pile-ons tilt me towards Rob's point of view..
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